PureLife Dental

2716 Ocean Park Blvd, Suite 3080
Santa Monica, CA 90401

(877) 777-3303


GBC 2021-2024

PureLife is a dental supply distributor dedicated to innovation and providing customers with the highest quality dental supplies and healthier, greener alternatives that have a positive impact on our planet.  PureLife Dentals mission is encompassed under “Dentistry Evolved”. This mission is defined as supporting and partnering with dental practices nationwide to help them achieve higher sustainability, wellness, efficiency, and convenience all without ever compromising the bottom line. With PureLife as a partner, dentists can “Make Green Work” for them and their patients!

Within its work facilities, to reduce pollutants, PureLife phased out all conventional toxic cleaners used in-house – replacing with EPA Safer Choice and/or Green Seal certified rated cleaners.  To offset carbon emissions associated with corporate-wide office operations and shipping, they partner with Carbonfund.org and donate money to reforestation efforts. EV recharge ports are available onsite for staff and guests.

To increase energy and water efficiency, PureLife Dental worked with their Property Manager to enroll in Santa Monica’s Water Neutrality Direct Install program to receive free upgrades on building water fixtures. LED lighting and occupancy sensors were installed throughout.  A majority of their office equipment including refrigerator, all computer monitors, and four copier/printers are rated Energy Star.

PureLife’s sustainable procurement practices include:

  • Sourcing paper products containing minimum 30% post-consumer-recycled content: copy paper, letterhead, napkins, hand towels, tissue and toilet seat covers. 
  • Providing stainless steel water bottles for refilling and reusable mugs to all new hires – eliminating disposable cups and bottles.

To ensure their commitment and longevity to greener practices, PureLife implemented an official Purchasing Policy and added a Sustainability Pledge to the company's employee handbook – used for onboarding new hires.