Shop at these local GREEN CERTIFIED businesses and help support a sustainable Santa Monica. Following are highlights of their green business achievements and description of services and products.

It makes good business sense!
GBC 2015 - 2017
The Albright (Restaurant)
Arthur Murray Dance Center Santa Monica (Office)
CaseStack (Office)
Community Corporation of Santa Monica (Office)
Global Green USA (Office)
Hang-Ups Unlimited (Office)
Healthy Spot  (Retail)
Kafe K (Restaurant)
Kin Community (Office)
Physical Therapyworks (Office)
Three Squares Inc. (Office)
Tiato Kitchen Bar Garden Venue (Restaurant)
UBM Canon (Office)
UCLA - Santa Monica Medical Center cafeteria
GBC 2014 - 2016
Aura Shop (Retail)
Bru's Wiffle - A Waffle Joint (Restaurant)
Bryan Cave LLP (Office)
Caffe Bellagio (Restaurant / Coffee House)
Central Parking, an SP Plus Company (Office)
Co-opportunity (Grocer)
Euphoria Loves RAWvolution (Restaurant / Cafe)
Heal the Bay Santa Monica Pier Aquarium (Office)
Hostelling International - Los Angeles/Santa Monica (Hostel)
The Lobster (Restaurant)
Locanda del Lago (Restaurant)
Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel (Hotel)
O2 Chiropractic & Wellness (Office)
Perry's Cafes & Beach Rentals (Restaurant / Office)
Real Food Daily (Restaurant)
Red Bull North America (Office)
Santa Monica Bike Center (Office)
Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce (Office)
Santa Monica Travel & Tourism (Office)
Shore Hotel (Hotel)
TCBY / Starbucks (Restaurant / Cafe)
GBC 2013 - 2015
Blackman & Holberton (Office)
Capital Intelligence Associates (Office - Financial Planning)
Eight VFX (Office - Visual Effects)
HGA Architects and Engineers (Office)
Malibu Discovery Tours (Office)
Milo & Olive (Restaurant)
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) (Office)
ROC Real Office Centers (Office)
Röckenwagner Bakery (Restaurant / Café)
Universal Music Group (Office - Retail)
GBC 2012 - 2014
Areal (Restaurant)
Baby Daze Boutique (Retail)
California Monster Salad (Restaurant)
haleARTS SPACE (Arts & Culture)
Hang-Ups Unlimited (Retail)
Healthy Spot (Retail)
Natural High Lifestyle (Retail)
On Golden Pond Inc. (Office)
Santa Monica Museum of Art (Arts & Culture)
Three Squares Inc. (Office)
Tiato Kitchen Bar Garden Venue (Restaurant)
yogitoes (Retail)
GBC 2011 - 2013
The Ambrose (Hotel)
Aura Shop (Retail)
Back on the Beach Café  (Restaurant)
Bru’s Wiffle (A Waffle Joint) (Restaurant)
CaseStack (Office)
Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. (Office)
Gorman and Miller (Office - Law)
Hostelling International – Los Angeles/Santa Monica (Hostel)
Heal the Bay Santa Monica Pier Aquarium (Office)
Leaf Lifestyle Inc. (Fitness)
The Lobster (Restaurant)
Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel (Hotel)
Lotus East-West Medical Center (Office)
Miles Memorial Playhouse (Arts & Culture)
Real Food Daily (Restaurant)
Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce (Office)
Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen  (Restaurant)
Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Santa Monica College (Office)
GBC 2010 - 2012
Blackman and Holberton (Office)
Cars.com (Office)
The Coffee Spot (Restaurant/ Coffee Shop)
Community Corporation of Santa Monica (Office)
Cooportunity (Grocer)
Essential Living Foods (Grocer/ Foods Distributor)
Ocean View Hotel (Hotel)
Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar (Restaurant/ Bar)
RMC Water & Environment (Office)
Röckenwagner Bakery (Restaurant/ Café)
GBC 2009 - 2011
Healthy Spot  (Retail)
Hershey | Cause (Office)
Library Alehouse (Restaurant)
Pizza Fusion (Restaurant)
Red Bull (Office)
TCBY/Starbucks (Restaurant)
World Cafe (Restaurant)
GBC 2008 - 2010
The Ambrose (Hotel)
Aura Shop (Retail)
Business.com (Office)
CaseStack (Office)
Hartnell (Retail)
Kreation Kafe (Restaurant)
The Lobster (Restaurant)
GBC 2007 - 2009
Rustic Canyon (Restaurant)
GBC 2005 - 2007
Ambrose (Hotel)
Cooportunity (Grocer)
Library Alehouse (Restaurant)
Patagonia (Retail)


  The Albright
258 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401

The Albright is an advocate and champion of the Santa Monica Pier’s greening efforts. Most recent efforts have earned the restaurant a Green Business Certification, the first business on the Santa Monica Pier to achieve such accreditation.

Formerly known as SM Pier Seafood, "The Albright” is a nautical knot tying together two generations of a local family business. The Albright is the longest running restaurant on the Santa Monica Pier and was established by the Kim family in 1977. The family’s daughter, Yunnie Kim Morena, recently took the helm of the Pier mainstay and re-invented the restaurant with a modern and sustainable flair. The Albright serves daily caught fish as well as locally-sourced and organic ingredients from the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Over 75% of the fish they serve is listed on the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Guide Good or Best choices list.

To help Santa Monica reach their 20% water use reduction goal by February 2016, as part of the statewide water restrictions imposed, The Albright performed retrofits on all hand sinks to reduce water flow to 0.5 gallons per minute, and provides staff education and training on sustainable practices. Santa Monica has a goal of achieving water self-sufficiency by 2020, which means meeting the City’s water needs from local sources only. The Albright also completed a substantial lighting retrofit and switched to Green Seal and EPA Design for the Environment /Safer Choice approved cleaners to achieve the green certification.


The Ambrose
1255 20th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404
(310) 315-1555

By blending upscale tranquility with affordable luxury and low impact hotel practices, The Ambrose offers guests a touch of truly holistic hospitality. In addition to being the first pilot City Santa Monica Green Certified Hotel in 2006, an ENERGY STAR certified facility that has met strict energy performance standards, member of the Green Hotels Association, and the first hotel in the USA to receive a United States Green Building Council’s LEED for Existing Buildings Silver Certification, The Ambrose is definitely committed to protecting the environment and preserving precious natural resources.

The Ambrose diverts over 70% of their waste from ending up in landfill via reduce, reusing practices and co-mingled recycling, along with offsite composting of their food waste.  They have been cleaning guest rooms with environmentally-friendly cleaners before green became the new black.  Sustainable purchasing incorporates 100% post-consumer content printing paper, business cards, and complimentary earth-friendly amenities such as a gourmet continental breakfast, including fresh fruit, organic yogurt and Starbucks fair trade organic coffee. Drip irrigation is installed for landscaping, and mulch is applies to lock in moisture and as a natural pest deterrent. A SAVE THE PLANET board lists environmental tips, local ordinances and resources to keep staff updated on sustainability issues. The Ambrose regularly donates to non-profit organizations and promotes the good work they are doing throughout the community in their monthly e-newsletter.


Areal Areal
2820 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Areal, the sustainable farm-to-table establishment replaces World Cafe on Main Street. Areal’s newly renovated space is a division of areas and spaces designed to enjoy food and drink basked in Southern California lifestyle and leisure. The menu emphasizes fresh, locally grown, organic foods. Seafood served meets sustainable criteria as defined by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch guide.

From composting kitchen food scraps, to using more durable and reusable goods, in the last 5 years Areal reduced their waste to landfill output by over 75%. In the last 4 years, they reduced paper use by over 80% by implementing a number of paper-less technologies. Areal switched to an electronic application Schedulefly for scheduling, planning, hiring and communicating among all staff. Online reservations are accepted thanks to the widget Opentable. To keep kids busy until the meal is served, Areal supplies reusable Etch A Sketches instead of paper and crayons. After experiencing a high number of glass breakages, they replaced their entire stock of conventional glassware with mason jars; more durable and can be reused by kitchen staff for storing foods. Another plus – jars cost less than glasses, and need to be replaced less.

In order to further reduce waste and energy use, Areal replaced wax burning candles with Norex SafeLite Rechargeable LED candle system. Almost all incandescent or halogen lights throughout restaurant are on dimmers. Natural light dawns the upstairs office. In addition, their cooking oil is recycled into biodiesel by Grease Kings. Areal also planted rosemary in outdoor flowerbeds to cook with and naturally deter pests.


Arthur Murray Dance Center Santa Monica
928 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Arthur Murray Dance Centers have been teaching the world to dance since 1912 with approximately 260 Franchised Dance Centers in 21 countries. Arthur Murray teaches various styles of from social, to salsa and ballroom dancing.

The Arthur Murray Dance Center in Santa Monica broke a record by achieving Green Business Certification in 2 months thanks to the hard working efforts of franchisee, David Woodbury. They are the first green Arthur Murray Dance Center – and the first green certified dance studio in Santa Monica. Their Company manual includes environmental and sustainable policies that reference green office cleaning supplies procurement like giving preference to resusables instead of disposables, recycling, and resource efficiency. To reduce sending waste materials to landfill, staff kitchen is stocked with reusable plates, cups and silverware, and complimentary coffee is served in reusable mugs along with refillable dispensers for sugar and creamers.

To promote healthy indoor air, freshener aerosols were replaced with gel and non-petroleum citrus mist alternatives purchased through Staples Easy on the Planet . The dance floor is simply cleaned with a cloth dampened by water. Arthur Murray applied zero VOC paint throughout the studio so students can breathe in non-toxic air while dancing. Most commendable energy conservation practice is use of a large fan in the studio that circulates and cool down air. Mechanical air conditioning is turned on only for large dance groups or when temperatures are insufferably hot.

Arthur Murray Santa Monica’s endeavors go beyond being GREEN, to incorporating sustainability initiatives into the DNA of their business model. Towards that effort, they switched credit card processor to Process Green (who donates 10% of their service fees to a US charity chosen by the business) with proceeds going to The Boys and Girls Club, while also donating 10% to the Santa Monica Chamber Foundation.


Aura Shop
2914 Main Street
Santa Monica CA, 90405

Aura Shop is dedicated to empowering clients and community - local and global.

Green Certified since 2008, Aura Shop is a resource center for self-awareness and self-empowerment, providing tools and services to balance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy. Aura Shop is a One-Stop-Shop for metaphysical tools such as crystals, gemstone jewelry, ascension-energy therapy and supplements. They also provide onsite energy practitioners trained in various healing therapies like reiki, theta healing, sound therapy, aura and chakra readings and much, much more!

Aura Shop helps heal and protect the earth by purchasing 100% post-consumer content recycled paper towels, unbleached paper bags for store purchases and printing paper. They put the R in reduce by having staff ask customers if they need a bag – instead of automatically bagging purchased goods. After Aura Shop invested over $2,500 in LED lighting technology and participated in an Energy Coalition’s Free-Tune up program, their energy bill went down $100 per month. So if we do the math, their upgrade investment was recouped in about 2 years. Refrigerators, selling naturally energizing beverages, are Energy Star rated. They stock natural cleaners like vinegar & water for windows, and use long-lasting concentrated natural cleaners, such as Thieves, that are diluted with water. Way to help heal the earth Aura Shop!


Baby Daze Boutique
1706 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica CA, 90405

Baby Daze Boutique offers gently used baby and children’s clothing, toys, jewelry, books, videos and other accessories in a wonderful atmosphere. The shop’s motto is “leave more world for your little one and reduce your carbon footprint by donating and buying clothes at Baby Daze Boutique.”

The business model for Baby Daze Boutique genuinely sustainable and their operations follow suit as well. This green retailer uses Seventh Generation and Whole Foods’ all purpose non-toxic cleaning agents store-wide. All paper supplies contain a minimum of 30% post consumer recycled content and they never print their marketing material – all promotion and advertising is done online. Once an item is sold, they keep the price tag for reuse. Any unwanted merchandise is donated to L.A. Community Services (lacommunityservices.org). Santa Monica Big Blue Bus maps are available onsite to inform customers and to encourage them to take public transportation. This Buy Local Santa Monica member regularly procures from other local businesses located on Ocean Park Avenue and has adopted a company-wide Environmental Policy.


Back on the Beach Back on the Beach Cafe
445 Pacific Coast Hwy
Santa Monica, CA 90402

Nestled on a wide stretch of sandy beach, Back on the Beach Café offers meals featuring local and seasonal cuisine with breathtaking views of ocean, mountain, pier, and Catalina Island since opening its doors in 1989. Both indoor & outdoor seating is available, along with catering services and event planning. After a recent and extensive restaurant remodel in 2010, Back on the Beach Café re-opened its doors to a greener more efficient operation.                                             

Back on the Beach Café regularly sources certified USDA organic canned tomatoes, seasonal veggies and coffee. In 2011, they participated in SoCal Edison’s FREE Direct Install program available to small medium sized businesses, and received FREE efficient lighting upgrades. They have an eco-procurement policy to give preference to post-consumer recycled content office and janitorial supplies such as business cards and tissue paper, and locally sourced products when feasible.  They stock the bottle box containers made from 100% plastic bottles and take-away paper containers that are made in the USA. Tables are set with reusable silverware, plates and placemats.

Their biggest green business successes is diverting over 70% of their waste from landfill via composting their food waste via the City’s City of Santa Monica’s Restaurant Food Waste program and recycling cans, plastic, glass, paper and cardboard. Additionally, they go the extra green mile by stocking Green Seal Certified Ecolab Oasis line of institutional cleaners.


Blackman & Holberton
201 Wilshire Blvd. Suite A6
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Blackman and Holberton (B&H) provides comprehensive relocation planning services for businesses. B&H has successfully planned, coordinated and implemented moves for more than 125,000 people occupying 25 million square feet of new or renovated space including large and small; private and public sector companies and agencies. They were the first moving logistics consultant in Santa Monica to achieve Green Business Certification in 2007.

Highlights of their green business practices include excellent Reduce, Reuse and Recycle practices. Their service goals include reducing waste and the environmental impact of moves. Instead of cardboard boxes, B&H requires moving contractors to use durable and reusable crates containing recycled content. Aside from the waste reduction benefits, reusable crates also minimize dust residue during packing and unpacking. With an average lifespan of 17 years, reusable crates dramatically reduce the amount of carbon contributed to the atmosphere, as compared to that of single-use corrugated cardboard boxes.

Blackman & Holberton also partners with St Joseph’s charity among many others by donating supplies, such as office products, equipment and furniture left behind after a business move.


Bru's Wiffle (A Waffle Joint)
2408 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Bru’s Wiffle is a cheery, family-friendly Waffle Joint where everything (including the waffles!) is made from scratch, using whole food ingredients. Owner, Ebru Fidan Caplan, purchases 20% of her produce from local Santa Monica Farmers Markets – and the remainder produce is locally sourced from California. Bru’s menu features unique and delicious waffles like gluten-free, basil pesto, hormone-free chicken, and banana split. Kid-sized waffles are served at kid-sized prices. You can also enjoy non-waffle items like veggie wraps, and eggs benedict.

Bru’s Wiffle is a successful zero waste restaurant establishment. With the addition of composting through Santa Monica’s Food Waste Composting program, and comprehensive co-mingled blue bin recycling, the waffle joint now diverts 80-90% of their waste stream from landfill.

You can also find many reduce and reuse practices at Bru’s - including arranging with her chemical supplier, Auto-Chlor, to refill her chemical containers onsite. Her bread delivery company, upon request, also reuses the paper bags her baked goods are delivered in. Bru’s Wiffle wait staff collects register receipts, staples them together, and takes orders on the reverse side. Reusing an item over an over before recycling– is always a more resource efficient and sustainable option.

Bru’s recently performed an energy retrofit, replacing a few compact fluorescents with dimmable cold cathode lights in her dining area. For water conservation, all hand sinks in kitchen and restrooms are fitted with 0.5 gallon per minute faucet aerators. Bru’s won SQA 2013 Excellence in Stewardship of the Natural Environment.


Caffe Bellagio Caffe Bellagio
1400 Third Street Promenade
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Caffe Bellagio, Locanda del Lago's annex location on 3rd Street Promenade, is a panini and gelato coffee house. All dishes are made at Locanda del Lago and transported a block away by foot to Caffe Bellagio. Caffe Bellagio features 24 house made gelato and sorbetto flavors made with many of the fruits from the Santa Monica's Farmers' Market.

Breads are baked daily and used in conjunction with local ingredients and sustainable proteins to create fresh, delicious quick service meals! Caffe Bellagio’s menu indicates which local farm each protein comes from as well as the items that are market driven.

Caffe Bellagio also offers discounts for bringing your own coffee mug, locals discounts and collects customers java jackets for reuse. Their maintenance operations, like the main Locanda del Lago location, include Green Seal certified peroxide based multi-purposec cleaners. As required by Green Business Certification standards, they eliminated all non-recyclable aerosol container cleaners and replaced with refillable and recyclable trigger spray bottles. All Caffe Bellagio’s to-go ware are recyclable or compostable – with the majority being BOTTLEBOX® containers made from recycled PET #1 plastic bottles recovered from blue bins. BOTTLEBOX® containers are manufactured locally in Perris, CA.


california monster salad California Monster Salad
411 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Tel: 310.587.2523

California Monster Salads has a mission to make the world a healthier place “One Salad at a Time!”. Their menu also includes wholesome soups, and refreshing drinks like Kale Lemonade. All of CMS’s produce is sourced from local California farms. Some produce is USDA organic. Most of their paper products including paper napkins, paper towels, menus and printing paper are made from post-consumer paper. As a start up business, California Monster Salads is committed to Environmental Stewardship by instituting a procurement policies giving preference to sustainable products as they expand their locations. They divert about 70% of their waste going to landfill by participating in Santa Monica’s Restaurant Food Waste Collection and blue bin recycling program for paper, cans, plastic and glass. Look for staff riding around town on the California Monster Salads electric bike delivering salads!


capital intelligence associates   Capital Intelligence Associates (Office - Financial Planning)
1250 6th Street, Suite 300
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Contact: Mitchell Kraus

Capital Intelligence Associates (CIA) is a full service wealth management firm designed to help clients address the challenge of today’s complex regulated financial landscape in a conscientious manner. CIA advocates investing with moral intelligence the benefits of socially responsible financial planning that can make a positive impact on the world – in an environmentally-friendly office. Capital Intelligence is an excellent example of how a small office can make a big impact. They implement sustainable office practices within the walls of their office – and beyond to the multi-story building they are housed in, incorporating the building manager in their green business practices.

Regarding energy efficiency, all office lighting consists of energy efficient fluorescents. Capital Intelligence also influenced the building manager to retrofit all restrooms lighting facility-wide shared by the tenants. In efforts to green the buildings janitorial products, from cleaners to paper towels, owner, Mitchell Kraus, purchased Sustainable Earth brand products for custodians to sample. Sustainable Earth by Staples™ eco-conscious products are made with renewable resources, recycled materials and/or are third-party certified to validate their environmental attributes.

Capital Intelligence’s printers are loaded with cartridges containing soy-based ink, and default set to print on both sides of paper containing post-consumer content. Employees refill reusable glasses with water from an onsite filtration system. Kitchen is also stocked with reusable plates, mugs and utensils. As an active member of Buy Local Santa Monica campaign, they support local businesses and purchase produce directly from the Santa Monica Farmers Market.

Securities Offered though LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC. Financial Planning offered through Capital Intelligence Advisors, a registered investment advisor and separate entity from LPL Financial.


701 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 310. Santa Monica, CA 90401

Visited by more than 10 million car shoppers each month, Cars.com is the leading destination for online car shoppers, offering credible and easy-to-understand information from consumers and experts to help buyers formulate opinions on what to buy, where to buy and how much to pay for a car.

To promote staff to commute via alternative transportation Cars.com provides secure indoor bike parking station featuring handy bike stands. This is a worthy sustainable business practice for a company in the auto industry to do. The office performed a comprehensive lighting retrofit, replacing inefficient T12 fluorescents lights with T8 electronic ballasts, to fulfill the GBC energy efficient requirement. Lights in offices are set to motion sensors. The kitchen is stocked with reusable kitchenware for staff use. In the cozy staff lounge renovated with low VOC paint, the wall is covered with portraits of employee pictures highlighting their positions and personal interests –  a good work-life balance visual for employees to enjoy.  Cars.com office also features an abundance of natural light.


3000 Ocean Park Blvd, Suite 1000
Santa Monica , CA 90405

CaseStack is a leading provider of outsourced logistics services for companies selling products to retailers, distributors and other manufacturers with proprietary web-based software. CaseStack collaborates with retailers and other partners to provide sustainable logistics solutions that eliminate systemic supply chain waste by optimizing transportation routes, coordinating shared warehouse and transportation assets, and analytics to drive efficient resource allocation.

CaseStack emphasizes efficiency through several initiatives including energy efficient warehouse upgrades and Retailer Consolidation Programs. CaseStack’s solutions are based on a common sense model; reduce waste and maximize efficiency by streamlining processes and consolidating resources.

CaseStack’s Retailer Consolidation Programs help conserve natural resources by reducing dock congestion, improving warehouse efficiencies and decreasing the number of trucks on the highway. The resulting supply chain consumes less energy and produces lower amounts of carbon emissions; fewer trucks on the road results in fewer interactions with motorists and safer highways.

CaseStack strives for zero waste in their office by supplying each employee with a branded CaseStack mug to use for refills instead of disposable cups. In return, the company eliminated the purchase of paper cups facility wide. To close the recycling loop, CaseStack purchases paper products containing post-consumer content like printing paper, paper towels, facial tissue, and napkins.


Central Parking, an SP Plus Company
1444 4th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Central Parking, an SP Plus Company, is an operations specialist who links innovation with market-based expertise in Parking, Transportation, Facility Maintenance, Event Logistics and Security service lines.

To reduce waste ending up in landfill, Central Parking instills a paperless timecard system for employees, print on both side of paper and participate in Santa Monica’s comprehensive Blue Bin recycling program. They collect and recycle spent batteries with Call2 Recycle. They procure paper towels containing 40% post-consumer recycled content. To meet the required measures for Energy efficiency, the Central Parking office recently completed a comprehensive lighting retrofit – replacing inefficient T12 fluorescents lights with more efficient T8 fluorescents fueled by electronic ballasts. To reduce use of toxins in the natural environment, custodians use a multi-purpose cleaner in-house and in all of their parking facilities, that is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency with the DFE seal. Cleaners are purchased in bulk and refilled in dispensers. SP Plus Company is a Platinum Level Partner of the Green Parking Council.



The CoffeeSpot
1900 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Contact: Mike Eghbali, Owner
Tel: 310.458.4761

The Coffee Spot is the second Green Business Certified food establishment at Santa Monica College. Owner, Mike Eghbali has certified both of his Starbucks establishments.

Not only are coffee beans fair-trade certified, but used coffee grounds are collected and then composted in the College’s industrial vermi-composter. The composting system uses a specific breed of worms called “red worms” or “vermi-worms” to transform food waste into a nutrient rich compost which is then used to fertilize the campus grounds.

In the administrative offices, printing cartridges are refilled with ink purchased from the supplier – this means cartridges are used over and over and again, instead of disposed of each time they run empty. This measure not only saves money, but also saves valuable resources like energy, water and petroleum used to produce the plastic required for the cartridge. The Coffee House stocks organic to-go items.  They purchase recycled paper napkins and printing paper contains 30% post-consumer content recycled material. Of course all to-go containers are recyclable or compostable in compliance with the City of Santa Monica’s Non-Recyclable Food Service Container Ban. Low VOC paints are used faculty wide. Low VOC paints are used facility wide when renovating.


Community Corporation of Santa Monica
1423 2nd Street. Suite B.
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Contact: John Mimms

Community Corporation of Santa Monica (CCSM) is a non-profit real estate developer established in 1982 whose work focuses on creating affordable housing opportunities within Santa Monica. They demonstrate exceptional commitment to sustainability by extending their environmentally-friendly practices to nearly 100 affordable housing properties comprising over 1600 units of permanent affordable housing in addition to their internal operations.

To conserve water CCSM restrooms use high efficiency faucet aerators that emit only 0.5 gallons of water per minute. Offices are lit with 4' LED tube lights that replaced T8 florescent tubes as well as natural sunlight through sky lights. To further reduce energy use, CCSM uses passive ventilation and cross air flow in all its new construction buildings and recently upgraded HVAC equipment to Energy Star. CCSM also uses low VOC paints in their housing units to help foster good indoor air quality.

CCSM has created an interdepartmental Sustainability Committee consisting of seven staff members to track and implement company policy changes. The committee meets to ensure employee buy-in with procedural and purchasing changes implemented to minimize use of natural resources and further CCSM's commitment to green business practices. CCSM regularly hosts Sustainable Works Green Living Workshops in both English and Spanish to educate their tenants on recycling and sustainable practices in residential units. A long time advocate of sustainability, Community Corporation of Santa Monica won Sustainable Quality Excellence Awards in 2001, 2009 and 2015.


Downtown Santa Monica Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.
1351 Third Street Promenade, Suite 201
Santa Monica, CA

Downtown Santa Monica Inc. (DTSM, Inc.) is a public-private management company that oversees Downtown Santa Monica and the world famous Third Street Promenade. Downtown Santa Monica is the area defined by Wilshire Boulevard on the north, Broadway on the south, Ocean Avenue on the west, and Seventh Street on the east. The Central Business District is a larger area defined by Wilshire Boulevard, Colorado and Ocean Avenues and Seventh Street.  

DTSM, Inc. oversees the day-to-day operations in Downtown Santa Monica on behalf of the City of Santa Monica, to promote economic stability, growth and community life within Downtown Santa Monica through responsible planning, development, management and coordination of programs, projects and services designed to benefit the community as a whole; which includes  Downtown businesses, property owners, residents and visitors, Ambassadors and Enhanced Maintenance programs, management of capital improvements, marketing, events, film shoots and special projects. 

Downtown Santa Monica, Inc’s mission includes promoting and incorporating sustainability - economic stability, growth and community life -within Downtown Santa Monica. In line with their mission – they practice what they preach – by integrating sustainable practices into their own business operations. Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. provides only reusable glasses, mugs, silverware and plates for meetings in-house. Water refills are provided by an onsite filtration system– eliminating delivery or purchase of bottled water. They exclusively stock non-toxic green cleaning products purchased from their office supply company or local stores– including automatic dishwashing detergent and Gojo Green Seal Certified Foam Hand Cleaner. Eco-procurement policies list giving preference to supplies containing minimum 30% post-consumer recycled content and refillable pens. As a public-private management company in line with the City of Santa Monica’s Sustainable City Plan, they promote and try to encourage downtown businesses to engage in city programs such as Monica campaign and Green Business Certification via their e-newsletters.


Eight VFX
1712 Berkeley Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Contact: Alice Walrafen

Eight VFX began with a simple philosophy – let craftsmanship and artistry be the guide. Founders Baptiste Andrieux and Jean-Marc Demmer started the visual effects business in January 2005, essentially, as an artists’ collective. Eight VFX also operates with a sustainable business philosophy. Eight’s completion of Sustainable Works’ Business Greening Program positioned them to achieve Green Business Certification in November 2013.

Although Eight VFX’s artists prefer to work in the dark, the industrial workspace’s skylights allow in natural sunlight. They also performed a major lighting retrofit – replacing over 20 incandescent spot and flood lights with LEDs. Eight VFX practices the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, and recycling) by stocking only reusable plates, mugs, and silverware for staff use, and purchasing post-consumer recycled (PCR) paper products. Sustainable paper procurement includes copy paper containing 100% PCR, toilet tissue made with 25% PCR, and facial tissue with 80% PCR. To eliminate the purchase of bottled water, staff refills containers from a standalone water filtration unit. The Eight VFX facility is cleaned with non-toxic cleaners made by Earth Friendly Products and Seventh Generation. To encourage staff to commute using alternatives modes of transportation, Eight VFX prides themselves by providing employees with great incentives for biking i.e., storing bikes onsite for staff to run errands and shop at local businesses, designating an indoor/outdoor area for bicycle parking, and onsite shower facilities. To help Santa Monica reach the goal of being water self-sufficient by 2020, Eight retrofitted their hand wash faucets with 0.5 GPM (gallon per minute) aerators, and showerhead with 1.5 GPM. To further their sustainable initiatives, Eight VFX is currently investigating the installation of rooftop solar panels with SolarSantaMonica.com.


Essential Living Foods
922 Colorado Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Tel: 310.319.1555 x103
Contact: Michael Schodorf

Essential Living Foods distributes and sells natural, nutritious organic foods, produced using fair trade and sustainable farming practices.  Their mission is to promote health and wellbeing by supplying nutritious Superfoods and exotic snacks and foods extremely high in antioxidants and other nutrients.

The Essential Living Foods brand is packaged in eco-friendly packaging made from 100% recycled paper printed with soy inks, recycled steel tin and biodegradable cellulose bags.  They purchase Renewable Energy Credits to offset the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the importation of their products.

Essential Living Foods office was built with all sustainable, low-toxic, green building materials and furniture.  All paints used are zero or low-VOC and water based. FLOR carpet squares contain post-consumer recycled content materials and are formaldehyde free. Durra Board wall partitions used for office cubicles are made with recovered agriculture fiber. Wall panels, manufactured by 3Form contain recycled plastic.   Restrooms are fitted with dual flush toilets and waterless urinals. Plywood made with soy adhesives are used for office desks and all wood cabinets are certified sustainably harvested by the Forest Stewardship Council. They use natural ventilation – opening doors to facilitate cross breezes – more often than their mechanized air cooling system.  Restrooms are fitted with dual flush toilets and waterless urinals. An onsite water filtration system refills reusable employee containers and glasses, and eliminates the waste and cost associated with bottled water.

From the way their food products are grown, transported, and packaged to their Santa Monica office space, Essential Living Foods strives to protect the environment and promote sustainability in everything they do.


Global Green USA
2218 Main Street, 2nd floor
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Global Green USA is the American affiliate of Green Cross International, founded by President Gorbachev. Their mission is to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future. Global Green USA has advanced smart solutions for climate change that improves lives and protects our planet. Since 1995, Global Green USA has influenced more than $20 billion dollars worth of building construction by encouraging the integration of green building and sustainability practices.

Their green office incorporates carpet tiles that contain post-consumer recycled content (PCRC) by Interface and zero-VOC paint on the walls. Their translucent plexi glass doors and walls are made of PCRC by Element Designs. Global Greens in-house sustainability practices include diverting approximately 75% of unwanted materials from landfill through reducing, reusing and recycling as much as possible. They stock reusable dishes, silverware, glasses and even commuter mugs for employees to use when purchasing local coffee and hot drinks from various neighboring Green Certified cafes and restaurants on Main Street.

All Global Green events, including their Pre-Oscar party and Millennium Awards, are sustainable zero waste events. They also close the recycling loop with sustainable office purchasing like giving preference to the highest post-consumer content available across the board for paper products from notepads to tissue paper (usually 80 – 100%). Eco-minded receptionist, Sharon Williams, facilitates zero waste staff lunches on the beach by having each staff bring a set of reusables to eat with. Office is cleaned with Staples Sustainable Earth cleaners ordered online. Global Green’s initiatives focus on sustainable solutions not just for our planet--but for people.


Gorman & Miller Gorman and Miller
201 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 300
Santa Monica, CA

Gorman & Miller is a sophisticated, Santa Monica-based law firm, with an emphasis on commercial real estate transactions, business and real estate litigation, venture capital transactions, and probate and estate planning. They integrate Environmental policies into employee manuals, making sure each employee is knowledgeable about the maintenance of an environmentally-friendly space.  Their Santa Monica office was recently retrofitted with LED lights; and all cleaning chemicals procured in-house are non-toxic. Additionally, the printing paper stocked at Gorman & Miller is sustainably sourced – Forest Stewardship Council certified and contains minimum 30% post-consumer content.  Other supplies such as notepads and paper towels also contain 30-60% post-consumer content.  To further reduce their ecological footprint, they eliminate individual bottles of water by refilling glassware and stock reusable mugs.

Gorman & Miller excels at using modern technology to reduce the extensive use of paper in both transactional and litigated matters. They use a paperless online document management system called the Closing Table® (www.iclosings.com) which enables clients and their counterparties to securely access, approve and digitally sign documents via any Internet connected device.  


2443 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Contact: Michael Hale

haleARTS S P A C E is a member of the Arts: Earth PARTNERSHIP (AEP) green business certification for cultural facilities, theaters, museums, dance studios, art galleries, performing arts companies, and individual artists.

For information on their green initiatives, visit www.halearts.com/haleARTS/arts_earth_PARTNERSHIP


  HGA Architects and Engineers
1918 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

HGA Architects and Engineers (HGA) is a major integrated architecture, engineering and planning firm.

HGA is committed to be carbon neutral by 2030. HGA has signed the Architecture 2030 Commitment for Carbon Neutral Design and is working with the national American Institute of Architects to promote adoption in the profession. HGA’s office includes green building features like lots of natural sunlight from ample office windows – that have operable shades to let in or block bright sunshine. Photo sensors that can detect natural light automatically dim interior lights. HGA procures low-mercury fluorescent T8s compared to conventional fluorescents. HGA’s comprehensive sustainable procurement policy ranges from office products to janitorial supplies such as Mrs Meyers product line, to ecologically preferred sponges (available through Staples) containing compostable scrubbing fibers and recyclable materials. Printing is done on FCS certified paper using re-manufactured toner cartridges made by EcoPlus, a socially responsible company that donates a percentage of their proceeds to charities. Instead of the added cost and increased waste associated with purchasing plastic bottled water, employees refill their own reusable bottles with Santa Monica water.

HGA’s office submitted for USGBC LEED Gold CI (Commercial Interior) certification in 2013 (pending). A standing HGA Sustainability group including a Green Operations Task Force sets sustainability vision, strategy and goals. In addition to educating staff and clients on green building and sustainable design, they are working on Zero-Plus guiding principles for designing buildings which go beyond net zero and produce more energy than they consume.


Hang-Ups Unlimited
1904 14th Street
Santa Monica, CA, 90404

Hang-Ups Unlimited offers a wide selection of products for point of purchase displays in retail environments from ceiling signs and banners, to their patented “Ladderless” GC grid clip. As a manufacturer and distributor of stock and custom sign/banner/graphic hanging hardware and accessories, Hang-Ups Unlimited offers factory direct pricing on products ranging from sign hanging kits, to ceiling hooks, cables and adhesive mounts. Hang-Ups is one of the few manufacturers to custom make and distribute hang tabs made from PLA (a corn-based plastic). Most hang tabs are made from PCV.

With Hang-Ups online store, comes an innovative packing process that incorporates excellent reuse strategies. They purchased a corrugated converter that takes used cardboard boxes and turns them into a high quality packing cushion material – which means they simply reuse the cardboard received in shipments. This practically eliminates the purchasing of packaging material and reduces the amount of material transported for recycling. Print cartridges are also reused several times before being recycled – staff refills them with toner and ink onsite.

In 2014, Hang-Ups installed solar panels on two of their building roof tops with Solar Forward. These panels produce enough energy from the sun to completely power the office building – and any energy produced in excess is sold back to Southern California Edison.


Hostelling International Hostelling International – Los Angeles/ Santa Monica
1436 2nd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Contact: Tatiane Rodrigues

Hostelling International LA/Santa Monica is a high-end eco-friendly hostel with 260 beds, two blocks from the beach. The environmentally conscious hostel features a member's kitchen, game room, computer center, library, laundry facilities, and movie and television room. The colorful walls are coated with low to zero-VOC paints, and natural sunlight shines through ample windows and skylights. Guests can contribute towards offsetting their CO2 emissions online when reserving a room.

HI LA/Santa Monica’s vending machines are fitted with motion sensors –cutting energy use up to 40%. Staff cleans the hostel facility using vinegar and peroxide based cleaners. Restroom faucets are installed with high efficiency water aerators, and only emit 0.5 gallons of water per minute. Old water fountains were replaced with ELKAY EZH2O bottle filling stations, which help minimize disposable plastic bottle use. The dispenser features a display that calculates the quantity of plastic bottles diverted from landfills based on the gallons of water dispensed.

The communal kitchen is stocked with only reusable dishes and utensils for hostellers to wash and sanitize after use. This is an outstanding waste reduction measure for a 260 bed hostel! In 2013, Hostelling International-LA/Santa Monica also completed the Sustainable Tourism Education (STEP) Program.


KafeK Kafe K
2209 Main Street, Suite B
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Kafe K is a family-owned, casual but slick European joint tucked away on the North side of Main Street revealing a nice, relaxing atmosphere with outdoor dog-friendly sidewalk seating. The small bustling café -open seven days a week- caters to local residents, businesses and tourists seeking a quick healthy meal to-go or a quiet place to sit while reading or perusing the free Wi-Fi. Kafe K serves health-conscious meals for dine-in and take-out. Nothing is fried. Beverages ranging from fair-trade coffee, to organic loose-leaf teas and smoothies. Their menu includes vegan options like quinoa, green salads, and seasonal fruit. Kind and welcoming owners, Nino and Aleksandra, attest that all meals are made from scratch and will cater to any dietary restrictions upon request.

Kafe K procures all citrus, greens, pomegranates and organic eggs from the Main Street Farmers Market and supports local entrepreneurs by selling a range of locally made desserts. They go above and beyond for water conservation with a waterless urinal onsite and high efficient faucet aerators. A stack of reusable glasses sits next to a self-serve water dispenser for customers to refill with local Santa Monica water. Kafe K closes the recycling loop by purchasing paper products made with post-consumer content materials and they recycle 75% of their waste. Customers receive discounts for bringing in a reusable mug and/or for reusing coffee sleeves.


Kin Community
1728 Olympic Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Kin Community is a multi platform digital media company based in Santa Monica, and paving the way in women’s lifestyle. Kin owns and operates Kin Community -a women’s multi-channel platform on YouTube, Kin Studios, and a portfolio of brands including; Entertaining with Beth, SeaLemon DIY, Welcome to Sanditon, Emma Approved and the Emmy-award winning Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Kin is one of the first tech Santa Monica-based businesses to achieve Green Certification. Kin goes the extra green mile to conserve water by retrofitting their four restroom faucets with high-efficiency aerators emitting only half gallon of water per minute.

To preserve materials, Kin always reuses event decorations and props. The office kitchen is stocked with reusable dishware for staff use. Employees re-fill reusable containers at the onsite water filter installed at the sink. Limited bottled water is purchased only for guests on the go. To close the recycling loop, Kin switched to printing paper containing 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Clearly labeled recycling containers are found facility wide.

Kin does an exceptional job of procuring with Sustainability in mind. Green cleaners used throughout the office include Mrs Meyers multi-purpose and Method dish soap. Re-furbished print cartridges are purchasing from Staples Sustainable Earth product line. Employees are encouraged to carpool, walk or bike to work to support Sustainable Santa Monica’s goals.


Locanda del Lago   Locanda del Lago
231 Arizona Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Locanda del Lago restaurant opened their doors in 1991 as an upscale Italian restaurant on the bustling Third Street Promenade. Serving authentic, Northern Italian cuisine from Bellagio on Lake Como, Locanda del Lago utilizes local California Farmer’s Market organic ingredients in conjunction with sustainable proteins. Lago was one of the first restaurants in Santa Monica to offer a “Meatless Monday” menu option. They are also an active member of Buy Local Santa Monica and recently voted both Most Loved Business in Downtown Santa Monica AND Best Restaurant Using Locally Sourced Ingredients in Buy Local Santa Monica’s Most Loved Business contest.

Lago’s unique dishes features organic and free-range meats and dairy, along with Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified seafood. Their menu indicates vegetarian, gluten-free, and free-range options. Every Wednesday, ingredients purchased that day from the Santa Monica Farmers Market located just steps from the restaurant's front door, are listed on a large blackboard in the front dining area – indicating the local farm each item came from! Another unique element about Lago’s menu is their Artisanal cocktail list using ingredients from local farms in conjunction with organic liquors. Each cocktail name pays tribute to the Farm the ingredients originated from. In addition, their focaccia, desserts, gelatos, sorbettos, and pastas are all made in-house.

Many of their cleaners, including their peroxide based multi-purpose, are Green Seal certified. As required by Green Business Certification standards, they eliminated all non-recyclable aerosol container cleaners and replaced with reusable, and recyclable trigger spray bottles. Lago follows a comprehensive recycling program for cans, plastic, glass, and paper. They also recycle their fryer oil with Further Products, that turns used restaurant cooking oil into liquid soaps, moisturizers and candles for purchase.


Leaf Lifestyle Leaf Lifestyle Inc.
1617 Broadway, Suite C
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Contact: info@leaflifestyle.com

LEAF Lifestyle offers personal training and lifestyle transformation services. Through a holistic approach to health and wellness, we empower our clients to take control of their quality of life. All LEAF programs are centered on the principle of lifelong learning. 

LEAF’s fitness space uses natural ventilation instead of mechanical air conditioning. Cross breezes are facilitated by open doors and windows. Aside from their kitchen and restroom, the rest of the facility uses natural sunlight. One of their greatest successes is achieving an 82% reduction in their energy bill after performing simple energy retrofits. By frosting their front windows ($50 cost), replacing 10 incandescent flood lights with LED floodlights ($250), and insulating their outdoor sauna to increase heat retention ($100), they cut their energy bill from $250 to $45 per month - totaling a savings of over $2460 annually! With upfront retrofit costs of these measures totaling $400, they achieved payback in just 2 months. LEAF Lifestyle is a member of Buy Local Santa Monica and support their local economy by and purchasing locally from other members. With the use of non-toxic chemicals and natural ventilation, they have excellent indoor air quality.


The Lobster
1602 Ocean Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401

The Lobster, located at the entrance of the historic Santa Monica Pier, boasts an appealing ocean-side view and features classic American seafood. You can find Executive Chef, Colin Crannell, perusing the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market for the freshest seasonal organic and local produce. 80% of The Lobster’s produce is sourced locally from the Market. Guests can enjoy 180 degree views of the spectacular Pacific Ocean, accented by breathtaking sunsets.

The Lobster’s Green accomplishments include installing a 9KW solar panels via Solar Santa Monica’s program and phasing in LED lighting restaurant wide. The dining area also allows in ample natural sunlight through their many ocean view windows. The Lobster further reduces energy use by cooling the restaurant with fresh ocean air and cross breezes via operable windows instead of an energy intensive HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) system. Air circulating fans lower the temperature in the office area. To reduce water use, public restrooms are fitted with no-flush water-free urinals and high efficiency faucet aerators on most hand sinks.

Zero waste practices include participating in Santa Monica’s R3 Food Scraps collection for composting pre-consumer food waste and installing Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers in restrooms - cutting their paper towel procurement by 50%. Staff drinks water generated from a Dewpointe® atmospheric water generator located onsite.

The Lobster goes above and beyond City Transportation Management Ordinances by exceeding the required average vehicle ridership for employees with providing financial incentives for commuting using public transportation. They obtain Metro bus passes in bulk quantities so staff can purchase at a $100 discount.


Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel
Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel
1700 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Direct. 310.576.3179
Contact: Rachel Kaye

The Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel is a luxury resort located in the heart of Santa Monica. This chic and contemporary beachfront property offers outstanding service and amenities, along with a strong desire to protect the planet. Loews Santa Monica has a long history of environmental responsibility. They initiated a food composting program back in 2007 and were one of Santa Monica’s first luxury hotels to participate in the City’s Food Waste Composting program. In addition, they donate 12 lunch meals a day to Meals on Wheels.

To further reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill they donate uniforms, bedding, furniture and supplies to charities in need such as the Ocean Park Community Center. Left over room amenities like shampoos and creams are sent to a local women’s shelter. To reduce paper use they supply marketing materials on flash drives. To support good indoor air quality, the hotel uses low VOC as well as Green Seal and Green Guard certified peroxide based cleaners and paints facility-wide. Loews’ 7,000-square-foot Ocean Spa & Fitness offers signature organic treatments and spa products.

Fixtures for energy efficiency include photocells installed on exterior lights that turn on when the sun sets and turn off with adequate daylight. To promote sustainable transportation to employees, Loews hosts an annual Rideshare Awareness week to educate employees on alternative commute options ranging from public transportation to vanpooling. Their car fleet includes multiple electric drive vehicles (EV) charged in their own onsite parking garage.


Lotus East-West Medical Center
Lotus East-West Medical Center
2104 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90403

Lotus East-West Medical Center is an environmentally friendly, holistic primary care center providing acupuncture, oriental and naturopathic medicine, medical and osteopathic doctors, along with other related services. They were the first holistic medical center to achieve Santa Monica Green Business Certification in 2007.  Highlights of their green building renovation include zero-VOC paint, formaldehyde free plyboo flooring, reclaimed furniture and recycled jip-board.

Environmentally-preferred procurement ranges from organic hand soap, lotion and alcohol hand sanitizer (triclosan-free), to 100% post-consumer paper products like paper towels and business cards. Only organic, caffeine-free teas are purchased. They use “Eco-font” for general printing which uses 20% less ink. All off-site printing is contracted by Greener Printer. Non-toxic cleaning chemicals are used facility wide. They refill compostable bagasse cups with water from an onsite filtration unit installed in-house instead of purchasing plastic bottled water.  Unlike most medical facilities, they stock books on Edible Gardens and Ecological Design instead of conventional magazines. Lotus East-West office walls are decorated with a artwork from local artists. 


malibu discovery tours Malibu Discovery Tours
2022 Broadway, Suite A
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Malibu Discovery Tours offer ten wonderful experiences for visitors or locals to enjoy around the Santa Monica / Malibu area including reservations from Birthdays and Bachelorette Parties to wine tasting tours.

Their Green Business Employee Manual includes a list of simple eco-actions employees can implement to help reduce the company’s ecological foot print. Employees confirm their commitment by signing the document after reading. With less than 10 employees, Malibu Discover Tours is a great example of how a small office can make a big positive impact on the natural environment.

Since working towards green certification, Malibu Discovery Tours reduced their average monthly energy consumption by 29% (499 kWh in 2012 to 356 kWh in 2013). That’s over $340 a year. Although simple infrastructural changes like de-lamping and retrofitting incandescent to compact fluorescent lamps contributed to savings, the most bang for buck action resulted from reducing use of the HVAC system. They saved hundreds of dollars a year in energy bills by having staff open the front roll up door in the summer and wear sweaters in cooler seasons. They also cut water use annually by an estimated 66% or 17,400 gallons after working with their property manager to replace the 3 gpf (gallons per flush) toilet with an HET (High Efficiency Toilet) flushing 1.28 gallons, and retrofitting 2 faucets to emit 0.5 gallons of water per minute. Efficient faucet aerators are provided FREE of CHARGE when participating in Santa Monica’s GBC program. Malibu Discovery Tours purchases 30% recycled content paper from local business, Kelly Paper and recycles 75% of their discarded materials in their blue bin, and in the restaurant food waste bin next door.


Miles Memorial Playhouse Miles Memorial Playhouse
1130 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90403

The Miles Memorial Playhouse is an historic landmark for the City of Santa Monica and a unique host of performances and community gatherings for over 80 years, providing high quality theater space for non-profit performing arts organizations that may not have access to comparable facilities. The Miles Playhouse was designed in 1925 by prominent local architect John Byer. In consultation with the John Ash group and the community at large, the Miles was completely re-built and modernized in 1998 The Miles is a leader in sustainability being the first Santa Monica based theatre to pilot and achieve a green certification from Arts:Earth Partnership.

To minimize the use of energy intensive theatrical lighting, The Miles Memorial’s stage uses energy efficient fluorescent lighting during general rehearsals. An alternative transportation incentive program for city produced events at the playhouse encourages the use of car-pools and alternative transportation to and from the theater. The City Policy offers a 10% discount off regular ticket prices if guests ride a bike, bus or walk to Fireside at the Miles.

Incoming productions are provided with a best practice guide outlining policies like encouraging the use of re-chargeable batteries and requiring double sided printing for all scripts, sides and programs. As bottled water is not permitted to be sold at the Miles Memorial, patrons and staff are requested to avoid bringing in bottled water. Instead, folks are encouraged to bring reusable cups for free refills at the water fountain.


Milo and Olive
2723 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Contact: Katelyn Blanchard

Milo and Olive is an intimate and warm neighborhood bakery and pizzeria brought to you by the team behind Rustic Canyon, Huckleberry and Sweet Rose Creamery. Owned and operated by Josh Loeb and Zoe Nathan, Milo and Olive serves a menu consisting of Farm-to-table produce, dairy, meats and sustainably caught or farmed fish found on the Best Choices or Good Alternatives list sourced from The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. They specifically choose fish distributor Universal Seafood because they deliver seafood that is packaged in bulk– instead of individually wrapped.

Milo and Olive is very transparent about from where their food is sourced. They educate all employees on the food they serve so staff are educated on why Milo and Olive gives preference to non-GMO choices, and food from local farms.

Milo and Olive implements Environmental Policies into their company practices, and shares the details of their policies during regular staff meetings. Restroom features a water-free urinal – no flushing required as zero water is used. Procurement policies state that paper products, where feasible, must include minimum 30% post-consumer content (for office products) and 20% post-consumer content for items like boxes and paper towels. They compost pre-consumer food waste (food scraps from the kitchen) via City of Santa Monica’s Food Scraps Recycling program.


Natural High Lifestyle
2400 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

In making its supremely soft and comfortable apparel and accessories, Natural High Lifestyle’s merchandise is made from distinctive and sustainable natural resources including bamboo, hemp, Tencel , organic cotton and vegetal leather. Drawing influence from California culture, the company focuses on three elements: yoga lifestyle, surf culture, and environmental awareness.

In addition to the clothing and products, Natural High Lifestyle’s operations align with sustainability. The business uses Earth Pak’s 100% post-consumer recycled content bags and emails receipts to customers using SQUARE to eliminate paper receipts. Replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent alternatives and LEDs, Natural High was able to cut back its use of electricity and save on energy bills. The store is painted with VOC-free paint, incorporates salvaged wood and vintage furniture (such as a repurposed bench from an old boat), and is routinely cleaned using non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners such as Mrs. Meyers All-Purpose Cleaners. Not only is Natural High Lifestyle a business member of Buy Local Santa Monica but they also use local green caterer, Euphoria Loves Rawvolution, for special events


Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
1314 2nd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is an international nonprofit environmental organization with more than 1.3 million members and online activists. Since 1970, lawyers, scientists, and other environmental specialists have worked to protect the world's natural resources, public health, and the environment. NRDC has 8 offices in the USA and one in Beijing.

NRDC's office building in Santa Monica consistently receives the highest certification available for green building design, a Platinum rating from the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED program. The 1920s building housing NRDC’s office conserves water and energy and showcases environmentally-sound materials. Nearly 90% of materials from deconstruction were reused or recycled during the construction of the building. A hallmark of the NRDC building is a sophisticated water recycling system that captures gray water from showers, sinks, and rainwater. This combination of water is run through a disinfection and filtration system, and then used for irrigation.

As of 2013, NRDC will introduce a real-time, web-based energy and water monitoring system called Noveda, which will monitor water and energy use in each NRDC office across the country. NRDC is also piloting a wireless monitoring and controlling outlet unit by ThinkEco, called the modlet. The modlet plugs directly into existing wall outlets, and monitors and manages the energy consumption of devices. It comes with a web-based software that allows access to real-time energy consumption, with the ability to maximize energy-efficiency gains by turning devices off and on at set intervals. NRDC’s Santa Monica office was also recently retrofitted with LED lighting to further reduce energy use. NRDC’s Santa Monica office reduces waste by purchasing cartridge-free ink – called the Xerox Color Qube. Through several waste audits, NRDC was able to identify that roughly 30% of daily trash is food-based materials destined for landfills. This revelation spurred staff to turn food waste into compost with an onsite vermi-worm composting bin.


O2 Chiropractic & Wellness
2817 Ocean Park Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405

O2 Chiropractic & Wellness offers a variety of wellness services to realign one's health to a state of pure balance. They provide Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy and Personal Training services to help people discover and correct the underlying cause of any health problems. Their goal is to address the real cause, not just the symptom.

O2 Chiropractic & Wellness business operations incorporate practices that result in cleaner air, less waste and pollution, conservation of energy and water, and improved quality of life for their employees and clients. How? Owner and licensed Chiropractor, Dr. Dana Laridaen, intrinsically links wellness to breathing clean air in many ways. She promotes clean indoor air in her facility by choosing low VOC paints and green cleaning chemicals such as Mrs Meyer’s multi-purpose solution, Seventh Generation cleaners, and a non-aerosol air therapy mister containing essential oils. Other sustainable procurement actions range from stocking USDA organic/ raw food-based supplements, to refillable non-toxic highlighters, and remanufactured print cartridges from Staple’s Sustainable Earth product line. Remanufactured cartridges are toner cartridges that are re-used and refurbished. These cartridges are considered Eco-Friendly because the cartridge is used over several times before being grinded down for recycling. Remanufactured cartridges also always cost less than a new cartridge!

O2 Chiropractic & Wellness’s office features natural sunlight in some private consulting rooms, and energy efficient lighting facility-wide. To reduce and reuse waste, Dr. Dana Laridaen, D.C. collects all packaging from orders received for reuse at a Mailbox Center a few doors down from the O2 office. Not only does this measure contribute to waste diversion from landfill, but neighboring businesses working together supports Santa Monica as a sustainable community.


Real Food Daily On Golden Pond Inc.
Ecological Algae Control Division
620 Arizona Ave, 2nd Floor
Santa Monica, CA 90401
On Golden Pond Inc/ EcoLogical Algae Control Division uses an environmentally friendly, cost effective and chemically free method for controlling algae in ponds. Using underwater ultrasonic sound wave generation, they work with Mother Nature to provide microbes or beneficial bacteria and oxygen to achieve crystal clear water for koi ponds and/or water gardens. Whether building a new pond or retrofitting an existing pond, they design and install using energy efficient equipment. Any nutrient rich and chlorine free water extracted from ponds during maintenance is recycled into surrounding landscaping - not down the drain. Regarding business operations, On Golden Pond/ Ecological Algae Control adopts an Environmental Policy stating their commitment to operate a sustainable business, giving preference to environmentally-preferred products that are less toxic and resource intensive. Office paper for internal printing, business cards and letterhead contains post-consumer recycled content. They purchase non-toxic cleaning chemicals for office-use. Whether working on a pond, or in their office, On Golden Pond wears green on their sleeve!


Perry's Cafes & Beach Rentals
930, 1200, 2400, 2600 Ocean Front Walk
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Perry's Cafés & Beach Rentals has been an integral part of the Los Angeles beach scene and an icon in the beach community for over 36 years. They offer an assortment of beach and bike rentals and health meal options to enjoy after, or before your beach cruise. Perry’s has nine prime locations throughout Santa Monica and Venice beach, including four open air Cafés. All four of their Santa Monica locations on Pacific Coast Hwy (930, 1200, 2400, 2600) achieved Green Business Certification for their above and beyond practices supporting Sustainable Santa Monica’s goals.

Perry’s Café and Beach Rentals pedal hard to greener meadows with praiseworthy waste reduction successes. By eliminating many individual packaged goods, participating in co-mingled blue bin recycling, and composting all food and dirty paper waste, Perry’s diverts 65-70% of valuable materials from ending up in local landfills. Perry’s not only compost kitchen pre-consumer food waste through City of Santa Monica’s Food Waste Composting program – but go beyond by providing Food Waste containers for patrons to use. Other outstanding waste reduction measures include replacing individual portion condiment packages with bulk size dispensers for mustard, ketchup, relish and mayo, red pepper flakes and parmesan cheese. It doesn’t stop there – coffee fixings like cream, organic milk and organic soy milk are refilled in insulated stainless steel thermal carafes. And they keep pedaling the green hard…by sourcing hygienic one-at-a-time dispensers for napkins, and to-go utensils to deter folks from taking more than they really need.

All of the Santa Monica Perry’s at the Beach locations participated in SoCal Edison’s FREE Direct Install program available to small medium sized businesses, receiving FREE efficient lighting upgrades for old fluorescent tubes. Some restrooms are installed with occupancy sensors to ensure lights turn off after use.

Perry’s revamped menu includes many organically sourced ingredients like spinach, quinoa, honey, and granola. All locations brew Peet’s UDSA certified organic coffee and offer organic milk. Perry’s delicious organic quinoa salad won ‘best sustainable foods dish” at City of Santa Monica’s fourth annual (2013) Buy Local Expo. By including many plant-based dishes on their menu, Perry’s supports Santa Monica’s Sustainable Food Movement.


Physical Therapyworks
719 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Physical Therapyworks was started in 1996 by John Dravillas, PT, MTC, OCS. Physical Therapyworks performs comprehensive evaluations to find the source of patient’s problems as well as all contributing factors, has dedicated therapists with exceptional treatment skills, and delivers as much treatment time as possible to help patients reach their goals.

For energy efficiency, Physical Therapyworks participated in Edison’s Direct Install program and received a free lighting retrofit facility wide replacing T12 fluorescents on magnetic ballasts with more efficient T8's mounted on electronic ballasts. This retrofit reduced their energy use by approximately 10%. They also applied window film in order to reduce solar heat gain, and installed a programmable thermostat with cooling set to 74 degrees. To decrease waste going to landfills they enhanced their recycling program with bin placement displaying clear signage, consistent colors, and contrasting sizes. To close the recycling loop, all janitorial paper supplies now contain 30 – 100% post-consumer recycled content. Additional Waste Reduction was achieved by recycling laser print cartridges, reducing junk mail, and switching from paper to electronic documentation.

Physical Therapyworks further streamlined their facility by: cutting water use by installing efficient water aerators and posting signs encouraging water conservation. Pollution prevention was enhanced by stocking an EPA registered disinfectant product made from essential oils for office cleaning i.e., Seventh Generation partners with CleanWell™ Company to create a natural disinfectant multi-surface cleaner containing Thymol (which is obtained from the common garden herb thyme). Transportation Management measures included performing local errands on foot, installation of a bike rack for patients/clients, and employees commuting by walk, bike and/or public transit whenever possible.


Real Food Daily Real Food Daily
514-516 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Contact: Ann Gentry, owner

Real Food Daily (RFD) is the premiere organic vegan restaurant in Southern California. Founded by Ann Gentry, a pioneer in the vegan and green food movement, RFD first opened in Santa Monica in 1993. The restaurant’s interior integrates green building materials such as a large repurposed dining table made from a fallen tree in Gilroy, CA.  Eating a plant-based diet goes further than any other single effort to lower one’s carbon footprint and help preserve the environment.  Besides serving an exclusive vegan menu, RFD is committed to using organic produce and ingredients. About 90% of the food prepared is certified organic and 40% is sourced locally.

Marketing materials such as menus, business cards, and in store promotional materials are printed using soy-based ink on paper that contains 100% post-consumer recycled waste. Paper used office-wide, including bathroom tissue, is made from 100% post-consumer recycled content. Energy efficient hand air blowers in restrooms replace paper towels. Energy Star equipment can be found in offices and kitchen. The restaurant relies on the natural outdoor light during the day to save energy. All lights are on dimmers and inefficient lights not on a dimmer, have been replaced with LEDs. Windows are tinted with film to reduce solar heat gain.  RFD participates in the  Santa Monica’s Food Waste Composting program – diverting all of their pre-consumer food scraps from kitchen prepping. Their commitment to sustainability extends to their cleaning products in both dining rooms and kitchen. As a socially responsible business, RFD regularly donates meal gift certificates and participates in many local charity fundraisers.  Most local staff bikes, walks or rides the bus to work.


Santa Monica Bike Center
1555 2nd Street, Suite A
Santa Monica, CA 90401

The Santa Monica Bike Center is operated by Bike and Park Santa Monica, a company with a mission to inspire people to ride bicycles for the benefit of one’s health, spirit and the planet. The Bike Center offers varying services for both locals and visitors, including a commuter cycling facility, bike maintenance and repair, bike education classes, and bike rentals. As part of the overall mission to increase environmental sustainability and bike ridership in Santa Monica, the Bike Center offers a Commuter Bike Loaner Program, which aims to support potential cyclists in the process of learning to commute by bike. This two-week, free trial equips participants with a bike, helmet, bags, lights, and guidance to find the best bike routes for their specific commute.

The Santa Monica Bike Center pedals their way to greener business operations by incorporating many sustainable measures into their daily operations. Their commitment to only procuring non-toxic chemicals led them to discontinue Lysol Disinfectant spray for rental bike helmets after participating in the FREE Sustainable Works Business Greening Program. Lysol was replaced with a solution of water, white vinegar, tea tree oil and bergamot oil. They also give preference to Green Seal Certified multipurpose cleaners and stock Sustainable Earth recycled content paper products. Other non-toxic strides include purchasing PVC-free shower curtains, BPA-free refillable water bottles, and American made, organic cotton t-shirts. Their waste reduction efforts beyond the blue bin include recycling used inner tubes with Alchemy Goods and Clif bar wrappers through TerraCycle.

The staff and management of SMBC is committed to running an environmentally sustainable company that sets a precedent for like-minded business owners in Santa Monica.


Santa Monica Travel & Tourism
Santa Monica Travel & Tourism
2427 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA, 90405

Santa Monica Travel & Tourism is a non-profit organization with a mission to increase visitor expenditures, tourism revenues and local employment opportunities through the promotion of Santa Monica as a travel destination. Santa Monica Travel & Tourism has been a Green Business Certification Program founding partner since 2007, promoting Santa Monica as an exciting and sustainable destination and providing services to tourists, residents, and local businesses.

The recently relocated green administrative office features ample sunlight, repurposed equipment, décor and Trex flooring made from recycled wood and plastic. Fitted cabinets from their previous location were repurposed in their new office as mobile storage cabinets after cleverly installing wheels. Previously used desks and patio furniture were also repurposed. From a collection of Santa Monica annual publications, they framed and hung each year’s magazine cover throughout their space. Staff kitchen is stocked with reusable utensils and plates – including glasses to be refilled from an onsite dispenser connected to the main water supply. Faucet aerators installed on hand sinks emit 0.5 GPM (gallons per minute) and a high-efficiency toilet flushes 1.28 gallons – much less than the standard 1.6 GPF.

Santa Monica Travel & Tourism instigates a Green Office Policy in their company handbook prompting only the purchase of post-consumer recycling content (PCRC) paper products and green certified cleaners like peroxide cleaner Maintex Oxy Citrus in place of toxic and corrosive disinfectants containing chlorine. In compliance with Santa Monica’s Transportation Management Ordinance 1604 - they are located within .1 mile of public transportation access, staff performs local errands by foot, and their fleet hybrid electric vehicle is used for local tours and for carpooling to offsite meetings. 


Santa Monica Museum of Art
Bergamot Station G1, 252 Michigan Avenue,
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Through its exhibitions, education, and outreach programs, the Santa Monica Museum of Art fosters diversity, innovation, and discovery in contemporary art—local, national, and international. In collaboration with Arts: Earth PARTNERSHIP (AEP) environmental sustainable certification program specifically developed for the creative sector such as arts & culture facilities, and artist studios, SMGBC recognizes Santa Monica Museum of Art as an AEP certified green facility.
SMMoA’s shop sells only recycled and/or repurposed clothing. All of SMMoA’s cleaning products are earth-friendly. Administrative offices procure only paper products containing 30 – 100% post-consumer recycled content. SMMoA implements reduce, reuse and recycling practices facility wide.


Ocean View Hotel
1447 Ocean Ave. Santa Monica CA, 90401

Highlights of Ocean View Hotel green business practices range from energy & water efficiency, environmentally conscious office purchasing, and use of less-toxic cleaning chemicals exclusively facility-wide.

Ocean View Hotel has participated in various SoCal Edison rebate programs – and received a comprehensive lighting retrofit facility-wide including the installation of fluorescent lighting and motion sensors. They received a Certificate of Recognition for participating in Edison’s Demand Side Management Program – where businesses earn financial incentives to voluntarily reduce power usage when statewide energy supplies are low. Further efforts to reduce water and energy go along with their towel and linen reuse policy for hotel guests.

Staff turns off Heating, Ventilation & Cooling (HVAC) units and lights in unoccupied rooms which are cleaned using Eco-lab’s less toxic Oasis Green Seal certified cleaner line comprising of multi-purpose, bathroom, glass, and deodorizers. They regularly purchase post-consumer recycled content paper supplies from printing paper to paper towels. They promote alternative transportation to guests by stocking local Big Blue Bus maps.


Röckenwagner Bakery
311 Arizona Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90401

Located just off Santa Monica's busy 3rd Street Promenade, Röckenwagner Bakery caters to the surrounding local businesses as well as to the area's coastal locals, and international tourists. The bakery offers daily baked breads and pastries, as well as salads, soups and sandwiches made with produce from the local Santa Monica Farmers Market on Arizona Street literally steps away from the cafe. It doesn’t get more local than that! Rockenwagner procures about 75% of their total produce and ingredients from the Market. Boxes are returned to the Farmers for reuse. Restaurateur Hans Röckenwagner is also an expert carpenter who built the café’s cabinets, shelves and tables from sustainably harvested wood.

Sustainable office practices are outlined in a written Environmental Policy included in the company manual. Practices include reusing draft paper, and stocking Environmentally-preferred office and janitorial recycled paper products. Röckenwagner recently switched to Green Seal certified foaming hand soap for employees. The café offers a .10 ¢ discount to customers who bring a reusable mug and promotes this via signage at the cash register. They divert over 50% waste from landfill through recycling materials in blue bin and composting with the City of Santa Monica’s Food Scraps collection program. They strive to increase their diversion rates through FREE employee education provided for SMGBC program participants by local non-profit Sustainable Works. Röckenwagner staff performs local zero-emission deliveries on a used bicycle–even the shelf installed on the bike was made by owner, Hans, from scrap wood.


RMC Water & Environment
2400 Broadway Blvd. Suite 300. Santa Monica, CA 90404

RMC Water & Environment, a civil engineering consulting firm that specializes in planning and design of water resources projects, achieved Green Business Certification on March 8 2007. Highlights of their green business practices include energy savings, energy efficient rated office equipment, environmentally and socially responsible office purchasing.

RMC makes great strides in socially responsibility by purchasing all office items via ‘Give Something Back’ program, including ‘Green Seal’ certified 100% recycled, chlorine-free paper. They reduced their energy use by engaging simple power management options available on most office equipment. After setting all computers and copy machines to energy saving default after 5 minutes of inactivity, their monthly energy bill was cut by more than 40%. Light motion sensors are also installed office-wide. They track their energy usage by posting monthly kWh hours used in the office to raise employee awareness. Their most impressive piece of office equipment is a copier/ printer made by Gestetner that uses a soy-based ink toner cartridge.


Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce
1234 6th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401

The Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce advocates and represents business' interests and issues affecting the community. They provide an environment to help Chamber members prosper and succeed through a proactive working partnership with all levels of government and community organizations to achieve a healthy local economy and quality of life. As an active partner of Santa Monica’s Green Business Certification Program, the Santa Monica Chamber hosts a monthly Environmental Affairs Committee meeting that coordinates an annual Sustainable Quality Awards event, and they recognize Green Certified Chamber members in their annual Business Guide publication by displaying the SMGBC graphic next to their business listing.

The Santa Monica Chamber walks the green talk in their own office by stocking the staff kitchen with reusable kitchenware like silverware, mugs and plates. Their printing paper from Office Depot is certified sustainable by the Forest Stewardship Council and Green Seal, and contains post-consumer waste. Other paper products such as napkins, business cards and letterhead also contain minimum 30% post-consumer recycled waste. In line with their commitment to support local economy, they procure services and items exclusively from Santa Monica businesses like restaurants, printers. Any flower or plant arrangements for events are purchased at local florists or the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Markets that takes place a few blocks away. Demonstrating indoor and outdoor water saving practices - artificial turf along the front sidewalk eliminates landscape maintenance and high efficient aerators are installed on faucet aerators. For waste reduction, instead of purchasing bottled water for staff or guests, dispensers are refilled with local Santa Monica water.


Santa Monica Pizza Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen
1318 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA  90403

Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen is a family owned and operated pizzeria serving the Santa Monica community from its original location since 1983. Their website homepage states “We care about the health of our planet and we know every little bit helps, so we’re doing our part.”  They are one of the handful of pizzeria joints in Santa Monica participating in the Food Waste Composting program. When taking in account the food waste composting, and their comprehensive recycling program, they divert approximately 80% of waste from ending up in landfill.  This family owned pizzeria goes above and beyond by serving to-go salads in 100% post-consumer bottle box containers – made from recycled PET plastic bottles. What a way to close the recycling loop!

They expand reduce and reuse practices by stocking reusable silverware and ceramic plates for in-house dining customers. They refill condiment dispensers such as salt, pepper, parmesan, and chili flakes – instead of waste-creating individual to-go packets.  Seasonal foods, such as tomatoes and basil, are sourced from local farmers markets. Employees have their own reusable cup each individually labeled with their names. Most paper products like office paper and napkins are printed on minimum 30% post-consumer content paper. They inform suppliers of their eco-friendly procurement choices to ensure the products are regularly stocked. Hand faucets are fitted with high-efficiency aerators allowing water to emit a reduced rate of 1.5 gallons per minute. Indeed, Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen is indeed doing their part to contribute to a sustainable community.


Shore Hotel
1515 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Shore Hotel is a LEED Gold certified hotel blending inspired modern design with truly eco-conscious practices all in a spectacular beachside setting. Solar panels generate enough energy to heat the onsite pool. More than 75% of their roof surface is covered in Solar Reflecting material to reduce heat load into the hotel from the sun. Carpets throughout the hotel are certified by Green Guard, guaranteeing they meet strict chemical and particle emission limits, which contribute to the creation of healthier interiors. The hotel rooms and hallways receive tons of natural sunlight throughout the many windows. Each guest room is stocked with fair trade coffee and a recycle bin.

Shore Hotel voluntarily participates in SoCal Edison’s Demand Response program – so that during instances when demand exceeds supply, or when the electrical system is constrained, 50% of their parking garage, corridor, and fan coils in HVAC (heating, ventilation and cooling) systems turn off to send energy back to the grid. In addition, RFID hotel key cards turn lights and HVAC only when rooms are occupied. When guests vacate rooms, lights and HVAC automatically shut off. Shore Hotel goes above and beyond to reduce waste by donating soap and shampoo products from guest rooms to “Clean the World” - diverting over 500 lbs of waste from landfill annually. Old guest towels are turned into cleaning rags or donated to “Operation Blankets of Love” to comfort homeless animals in shelters.

To support Santa Monica’s alternative transportation goals, Shore Hotel provides preferential parking for alternative fuelled vehicles like hybrids. To incentivize employees to rideshare, they pay 100% for bus passes.


Le Meridien Delfina Santa Monica 
530 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Le Meridien Delfina Santa Monica strives to improve its own green footprint, as well as that of its guests. The hotel is proof that environmentally responsible living doesn't preclude sophistication and style. Le Méridien Delfina has implemented numerous eco-programs and transformed its signature guest experience into an encompassing eco-practice. These diligent efforts align with the official Second Nature mission of Viceroy Hotel Group, the management company of Le Méridien Delfina.

This luxury hotel is the first on the west coast to pioneer the FDA approved electrolyzed water cleaning system reducing the purchase of cleaning products and associated plastic waste. The multi-purpose cleaning solution, made from electrolyzed tap water and salt, is refilled into dispensers by custodial staff for use facility-wide. Faucet aerators fitted in common area restroom hand sinks reduce water flow to 0.5 gallons per minute. The advanced PH conductivity controller installed in the cooling tower also recycles water. For energy efficiency, Le Meriden recently renovated the hotel facility-wide with LED lighting in common areas, parking garages and guest rooms, resulting in significant energy and cost savings. Retrofits include LED linear tubes.

Sustainable procurement ranges from toilet and facial tissue containing post-consumer recycled content. Le Meridien’s comprehensive recycling programs range from co-mingled blue bin collection to composting pre-consumer food waste via the City’s Restaurant Food Waste program. And to close the sustainable loop, every guest room is equipped with a recycling bin.


SBDC Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
at Santa Monica College

3400 Airport Ave, Suite 76
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Contact: sedlic_steven@smc.edu
Part of a 38 center network throughout California, the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at Santa Monica College offers  free one-one-one counseling services and low cost workshops to  existing  small business owners as well as individuals thinking about starting their own business. Their mission is to provide quality management and technical assistance for small businesses, resulting in success for the entrepreneur and economic growth for all Californians.
The SBDC office handbook integrates a General Environmental Policy and Environmental Purchasing Policy so their commitment to operating a sustainable office is in writing. Upon hire each employee is informed and educated about the SBDC’s green business practices.  In house, they order from Staples’ Sustainable Earth line of eco-conscious office products including 100% post-consumer printing paper, remanufactured printer cartridges, and less toxic cleaners.  The SBDC staff scans and emails documents, and uses electronic forms and contracts wherever possible to minimize paper consumption. Due to the SBDC’s Green Business Certification requirements, water faucets in their public restrooms now emit 0.5 gallons per minute– reducing water use by over 75%. As a partner of Santa Monica’s Green Business Certification Program, the SBDC promotes the integration of environmentally-friendly business operations to their clients as well by offering green business services and counseling to entrepreneurs.


Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar
104 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Tel: 310.393.7693
Contact: Stephen Abronson

At Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar, you can order a glass or bottle of wine or load up a pre-paid card and taste your way among over 40 boutique, global wine selections. You can also join them for ANGEL SHARES HAPPY HOUR where Pourtal acknowledges efforts of local non-profit organizations by donating 15% of all Enomatic wine tasting sales - all night Monday and from 4-7 pm every weekday. 

Pourtal Wine Tasting Bar is designed with sustainability in mind. Their concrete floors are stained with SoyCretetm, a soy-based non-toxic concrete stain that is virtually odorless and creates beautiful natural color variations. Cedar wood paneling is FSC Forest Stewardship Council certified. Restrooms are fitted with dual flush toilets and waterless urinals.

Sustainable business practices are a re-occurring theme in many aspects. They regularly purchase organic, seasonal produce such as figs, basil, tomatoes and butternut squash from California Farmers via Santa Monica’s Farmers Market. Menus are printed on 100% post-consumer content paper.  In addition to recycling cardboard, bottles, cans and glass – Pourtal also recycles corks! Customers are welcome to bring in their own corks for recycling. To further their waste reduction commitment, Pourtal does not sell bottled water. Customers can refill glasses for FREE via an onsite water filtration unit.


ROC ROC-Real Office Centers
604 Arizona Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90401

ROC-REAL OFFICE CENTERS provides its clients with a unique, open-source work environment where collaboration drives growth and creativity.

ROC has a designated ecoROC mission lead by sustainability advisors on staff. The mission of ecoROC is to ensure all employees, tenants, clients and anyone ROC does business with, are aware of the importance of integrating sustainable practices in the working environment. ecoROC implements the triple bottom line - also known as the “three pillars” of sustainability - PEOPLE, PLANET and PROFIT. ROC promotes a healthy workplace through a relaxed atmosphere, and open spaces that allow in natural sunlight. Sustainable efforts in design, operation, and maintenance are implemented in each ROC location. To support communities, each office buys local products.

ROC demonstrates innovative green building and environmentally-conscious operational practices. Sustainable modular offices manufactured by DIRTT contain recycled materials such as metal and glass. All kitchens facility wide are stocked with Energy Star rated refrigerators, Seventh Generation dish soap, reusable mugs, and silverware. All ROC procured paper products are made from tree-free sugar-cane fibers or contain post-consumer recycled content. ROC composts all in-house event food waste via City of Santa Monica’s Food Scraps Recycling program. For ROC’s happy juicy hour on Wednesdays, they cold-press local and organic produce from the Santa Monica Farmers Market – any leftover peels and pulp gets added to their compost bin.


TCBY/ Starbucks
Santa Monica College
1900 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Contact: Mike Eghbali, Owner
Tel: 310.452.4761

TCBY was the first food establishment at Santa Monica College to achieve Green Business Certification in 2009. Owner, Mike Eghbali, proudly displays his Green Business Certificate on the wall adjacent to the cashier counter so students waiting in line to order can read about his environmentally-friendly business on campus.

Used coffee grounds are collected by students and then composted in the College’s onsite Organic Learning Garden managed by CLUB GROW students. The Garden consists of about 1,200 square feet of planting space, including several planting options-- raised beds, containers, mounded beds, and constructed herb gardens. TCBY offers organic and sustainable food options in line with Sustainable Santa Monica’s goal to reduce meat and dairy consumption, and give preference to organic foods. Menu includes an organic quinoa salad and veggie pre-made sandwiches. TCBY reduces waste by having staff refill stainless steel bottles during work shifts. They further encourage REUSE on campus by offering a generous discount to students and staff bringing in their own cup for coffee and tea refills.

For energy efficiency, Mike retrofitted accent lights on menu display with LEDs. In the administrative offices, printing cartridges are refilled with ink purchased from the supplier – this means cartridges are used over and over and again, instead of disposed of each time they run empty. This measure not only saves money, but also saves valuable resources like energy, water and petroleum used to produce the plastic required for the cartridge. They purchase recycled paper napkins, towels and printing paper containing minimum 30% post-consumer materials.


Tiato Kitchen Bar Garden Venue
2700 Colorado Ave
Suite 190
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Tel: 310.866.5228

Tiato is an eclectic yet modern kitchen/bar & garden venue offering fresh bites on the go, café-style seating, full-service dining, a wine/beer and Asian tapas bar, and outdoor garden seating. Tiato’s commitment to sustainability includes procuring fresh ingredients directly from local California farms. To encourage staff to support their sustainable commitment, Tiato issues a monthly prize for “most sustainable employee” based on their commitment to choosing green commute options, and upholding Tiato’s green policies and advocacy to clients and coworkers.

The Tiato retail market is stocked with healthy and organic “grab on the go” snacks. Anything sold pre-packaged contains either all natural ingredients or is labeled USDA organic. Tiato’s menu includes farm-to-table produce from Weiser and Hernandez Family Farms and eggs from Sunset Ranch, wild-caught salmon, grass-fed beef, and fair trade/organic coffee. Additionally, Tiato grows herbs onsite in their outdoor courtyard for use in the kitchen. It doesn’t get more local than that! They also carry several sustainable wines: Hahn Vineyards located in the central coast, is SIP certified, and the first winery to achieve green certification by the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program. Tiato’s eco-friendly procurement extends to integrating reclaimed wood into their interior and exterior design: wall panels, picture frames, outdoor tables and patio siding.

For waste reduction, Tiato not only composts pre-consumer food waste from the kitchen via Santa Monica’s R3 Food Scraps collection program – they go the extra step with staff separating unwanted foods and compostable items (such as paper napkins) left on dining tables. Since their 2012 green certification, Tiato has significantly increased their food waste collection while reducing their trash generation to less than 10% ending up in landfill. Another noteworthy green success is Tiato calculated they cut costs after switching to greener, less-toxic alternatives.


Three Squares International Inc.
1507 7th Street, #105
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Three Squares International Inc. (TSI) is an environmental consulting firm that specializes in developing comprehensive sustainability plans for corporate entities, government agencies and academic institutions. A global leader in green event production and the first company in the U.S. to earn compliance to ISO 20121, the international standard for sustainable event management, TSI helps minimize the ecological footprint of conferences and large-scale events, including Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity and the 2008 & 2012 Democratic National Conventions. TSI's sustainability strategies include reducing event materials via mobile apps, working directly with the event chef on sustainable menu choices, implementing complete waste diversion systems (compost, recycling and landfill) and developing legacy projects with host cities for the city-wide events.

TSI has been a certified CarbonNeutral Company since its inception in 2008. As part of their comprehensive Sustainable Operations Standards, TSI composts office coffee grounds, uses smart energy strips, sources EPEAT rated computers, Energy Star equipment and an office location that allows employees to walk/bike to work. TSI supports their local economy by sourcing California suppliers for picture frames, awards and certificates made from post-consumer waste. TSI is also a WBE, SBE business and a 2011 CalEPA Climate Leader.


UBM Canon
2901 28th Street, Suite 100
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Contact: Brita Holmberg

As a part of UBM Americas, UBM Canon is the leading producer of trade events and media brands that support the flow of information, commerce and innovation in the worlds $3.0 trillion advanced technology, technology-based manufacturing sector, including the medical device, packaging, design engineering, process technology, automated assembly, electronics, quality control and plastics processing segments.

UBM’s office space allows in natural light through large windows and an outdoor courtyard located in their workplace. Commendable reduce and reuse efforts in diverting waste from landfill include providing each staff member, upon hire, with a stainless steel water container for water refills and a reusable mug personalized with their name hand engraved by Director of Facilities &Real Estate Management, Erie Feragne. This practice eliminates UBM spending thousands of dollars each year on purchasing individually bottled water and disposable cups. To close the recycling loop, UBM stocks FSC paper containing 30% post-consumer recycled content waste, and refillable pens. To ensure batteries don’t end up in landfill, a battery tube container is provided onsite for collection. To promote and encourage staff to commute to work by carpool, bike, bus or walk, UBM maintains a bulletin board with alternative transportation resources. UBM also supports local businesses. They purchase coffee in bulk from Groundwork, the first certified organic coffee roasters in California (not to mention the largest in LA) and display unique pieces by local and sustainable activist artist, Kim Abeles.


UCLA-Santa Monica Medical Center cafeteria
1250 16th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404

The UCLA Health System, comprised of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, UCLA Medical Center-Santa Monica, and the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital, is a member of Practice Greenhealth, the nation's leading membership and networking organization for health care institutions that have made a commitment to sustainable, environmentally preferable practices.

The cafeteria at the UCLA Medical Center-Santa Monica has six meal stations including: the grill, pizza, hot entree, exhibition cooking, deli bar, and soup & salad bar. They support Santa Monica’s Sustainable Food goal to reduce meat consumption by 15% by featuring a Meatless Monday dish. The Meatless Monday campaign is an initiative of The Monday Campaigns. The beef and poultry that is served is antibiotic-free. The cafeteria also sources local and organic produce and does not serve fried food.

To encourage zero waste, UCLA Medical Center’s cafeteria offers discounts on coffee when customers bring their own mug, and discourage use of disposables by providing all staff with a reusable bottle for water refills. They also replaced disposable food trays with reusable trays. Any leftover emergency food is donated to local charitable organizations.

To help reduce water use, UCLA-Santa Monica replaced the grass lawn with artificial turf (AT) next to their parking structure.


Pizza Fusion
2901 Ocean Park Blvd
Suite 123
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Tel: 310.625.5002

Pizza Fusion’s motto is “Saving the Earth One Pizza at a Time”. From organic pizza toppings based on local, seasonal availability to green building materials, this is a truly unique and sustainable pizza company.

When remodeling the restaurant, Pizza Fusion worked with a local distributor, Epoxy Green, to source alternative materials like counter tops embedded with recycled multi-colored glass and tables made from rubberwood. Products made from rubberwood are "environmentally friendly" because instead of the conventional practice of burning the tree after at the end of its latex-producing cycle, the rubberwood tree is used to make products like furniture. The casing of Pizza Fusion’s bar is100% bamboo. As bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on Earth (it has been measured surging skyward as fast as 121 cm (48 in) in a 24-hour period), it is a faster renewable natural resource compared to conventional wood. Pizza Fusion also does their part in preserving water by installing water-less and high efficiency restroom fixtures. They further demonstrate their commitment to sustainability by posting eco-facts about their sustainable business practices to inform and educate customers. Pizza Fusion goes above and beyond Santa Monica’s Non-Recyclable Food Service Container Ban by stocking compostable utensils and straws. Their pizza boxes are made from 100% recycled paper. So when you order a pizza from them - indeed, you help save the earth!


Red Bull North America
1740 Stewart Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Red Bull is a premium energy drink that vitalizes body and mind.

After performing a comprehensive waste audit, Red Bull discovered their main waste stream material was food and compostable (paper) to-go food containers. As a company striving for Zero Waste in their office, to divert these materials Red Bull procured a set of reusable food storage containers for staff to use when purchasing lunch at the nearby grocery stores. Red Bull created signage reminding employees to use and return the containers, as well as signs indicating which materials are acceptable in their compost and blue bin picked up by City of Santa Monica R3 services. Each of Red Bull’s eight employee kitchens is stocked with reusable plates, mugs, glasses and silverware. Instead of purchasing and disposing of countless plastic water bottles, employees refill their own containers from dispensers throughout the office. To support Santa Monica’s Sustainable Food Commitment, they provide for vegetarian and gluten free options at staff catered meals.

Red Bull’s location on Stewart Street integrates permeable “greenscape,” allowing rainfall to percolate through the soil rather than ending up as contaminated urban runoff to the nearby Santa Monica Bay. Red Bull recently contracted with Metro Services group for eco-friendly janitorial services. They put out a bid to contract with a company committed to sustainable practices, like only using environmentally preferred cleaning products certified by Green Seal, and striving for an 80% waste diversion rate – by guaranteeing reuse, recycling and composting of unwanted materials when servicing offices. All kitchen appliances are Energy Star®, and computers are rated EPEAT gold.

Red Bull North America dedicates as much energy into their sustainable practices as they do for their beverages!


Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
1314 2nd Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Tel: 310.434.2300

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is a national, nonprofit organization of scientists, lawyers and environmental specialists dedicated to protecting public health and the environment. Founded in 1970, NRDC has 1.3 million members and online activists, served from offices in New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Beijing. NRDC's office building in Santa Monica received the highest certification available for green building design, a Platinum rating from the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED program. NRDC achieved this by implementing numerous measures – starting with choosing a site in Santa Monica's downtown pedestrian center to take advantage of existing building and services and to avoid building on undeveloped land. The 1920s building conserves water and energy and showcases environmentally sound materials.

A hallmark of the NRDC building is a sophisticated water recycling system that captures gray water from showers, sinks, and rainwater. This combination of water is run through a disinfection and filtration system, then used for irrigation and flushing toilets. This system reduces the building’s water consumption by 60%. All lamps are energy efficient, including dimmable fluorescent and LEDs which are installed in conference rooms and their Environmental Action Center.

After NRDC staff calculated approximately 30% of their daily waste output is food, a “Nature Mill” composting unit was purchased to turn food waste into compost quickly, without odors. NRDC also strives to eliminate one-time-use disposables, by facilitating an employee reusable bag program and stocking reusable plates, cups and flatware in the kitchen. NRDC proudly states their sustainable efforts result in a building that is sustainable, economical, educational and pleasant to work in.


Gladstein Neandross and Associates (GNA)
3015 Main Street
Suite 300
Santa Monica, CA 90405

GNA works throughout western USA in efforts to develop and implement transportation and energy strategies with aim to reduce emissions and the use of conventional petroleum fuels. They are pioneers in their industry for encouraging alternative fuel fleets, sustainable development, renewable energy programs and other carbon management strategies. GNA was one of the pioneer participants of the Green Business Certification pilot program in 2005 – offering useful feedback on the program process. One of the partners, Erik Neandross, serves on the City of Santa Monica’s Environmental Task Force.

While obtaining their re-certification, GNA worked closely with property managers to ensure they would be stocked with eco-friendly janitorial supplies such as recycled content paper towels. 3rd floor office windows are tinted with film to reduce solar heat gain. Eco-friendly purchasing practices range from printing business cards on soy inks to post-consumer recycled content paper clips and trash bags. Coffee and teas are either fair trade and/or organic. The employee kitchen is stocked with reusable plates, cups utensils and flatware. You can also find conservation prompts throughout the workplace such as “Use Water Wisely” and “Turn off” stickers. GNA proudly offsets their carbon footprint operating as a business through Carbonfund.org.


2120 Colorado Ave, 3rd Floor
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Business.com is the leading business search engine, directory and pay-per-click advertising network, targeting over 40 million online business buyers. Business.com pioneered an employee ‘Green Team’ in 2006, consisting of roughly a dozen employees with a mission to introduce and sustain efficient business operations and obtain Green Business Certification (GBC).  While working through the GBC checklist, the Green Team facilitated a dialogue with their property manager, Equity Office, who replaced incandescent lights with compact fluorescents, installed motion sensors in conference rooms and trained custodian staff to turn lights off.  The Business.com Green Team helped the company move toward purchasing Energy Star-rated office equipment, created bound Scratch Pads made from discarded paper, and installed an in-house water filtration system to replace bottled water delivery service – cutting water costs by more than 50%.  Business.com demonstrates excellent environment and social responsibility by making weekly donations of food leftover from company-provided lunches to the Santa Monica West Side Food Bank and donating staff and company magazines to St. Johns Health Center for patient waiting rooms.


Heal the Bay Santa Monica Pier Aquarium
1600 Ocean Front Walk
Santa Monica, CA  90401

Heal the Bay Santa Monica Pier Aquarium is a non-profit organization that provides an innovative educational experience for school children, families and anyone interested in marine life.  Their sustainability commitment goes above and beyond healing the ocean. ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ highlights include: staff and volunteers bring in reusable mugs, hand-out materials are laminated and loaned to visitors, and many craft activities are made from recycled materials.

The Aquarium has a non-toxic, chlorine-free and triclosan-free cleaning chemical policy to protect the , surrounding marine life – so disinfectant cleaners contain peroxide and hand sanitizers are alcohol based. They implement excellent Transportation Management practices by paying for employee bus passes and providing secure bicycle parking for staff and volunteers. Green building materials such as recycled acrylic and recycled rubber used for flooring materials, recycled content carpet tiles, and refurbished office furniture are also incorporated into the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium’s facility. The façade on aquarium exhibit bases are also made from recycled milk jugs!

The Aquarium’s 2013 classroom makeover introduces The Dorothy Green Room, celebrating Heal the Bay’s founder and commitment to running an eco-conscious aquarium. While one side of the classroom illustrates an urban watershed and explores the ways human behavior impacts the ocean, the opposite wall is converted into a more natural watershed exhibit, including tanks featuring riparian and estuarine organisms. The floor of the Green Room is made of recycled rubber; all the lighting is LED and includes dimmers for optimal energy saving. All text in the Green Room is now in both English and Spanish to reach a wider audience.


The Bey’s Garden
2919 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

The Bey’s Garden is committed to environmentally responsible business practices in all aspects of the spa. They implement excellent environmental stewardship in their purchasing habits ranging from stocking bamboo towels and robes, post-consumer content recycled paper and floor carpeting, as well as sheets made from recycled polyester microfiber (plastic bottles) which are unbelievably soft to the touch! The Bey's Garden uses natural antiseptics, organic essential oils and also carry a line of non-toxic polish for nail care. Recycled lumber and zero VOC paint were integrated during building renovations.  Gift boxes come with recycled tissue paper and are enclosed with a note reminding customers to reuse and / or recycle the materials.


1515 4 th Street
Santa Monica , CA 90401

Hartnell is a design studio/ salon specializing in elegant bridal and evening gowns with an environmental edge in business operations. Regular incandescent light fixtures have been replaced with energy efficient bulbs. Skylights allow in ample natural daylight for working. Left over fabrics from high end gowns are reused in many ways; either sewn into quilts to raise monies for charity, donated to local fashion design schools or collected by local organization, reDiscover, to reuse in classrooms and programs. Large fabric rolls are also collected by the supplier for reuse. Hanna also boasts many cost savings from these actions including saving her property manager hundreds of dollars per month by replacing one of the trash dumpsters behind her building with a recycling dumpster. She then had her staff hand deliver City blue bins to each tenant in the building to encourage them to start recycling too. And it didn't' stop there. Hanna posted signs on the recycle dumpster with a list of all the various materials acceptable for the city's co-mingled recycling program. Now that's going green with style!


Rustic Canyon
1119 Wilshire, Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90403

The Rustic Canyon achieved Green Business Certification on July 11, 2007. Highlights of their green business practices include incorporating green building materials upon renovating, purchasing mainly local farmer's market organic produce and diverting 90% of waste from landfill via Reusing and Recycling programs.

Rustic Canyon 's commitment to Sustainability began with renovating the restaurant space in 2006 using eco-friendly materials such as low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints and sustainable bamboo flooring, followed by the installation of a water-free urinal. Their commitment to protecting the natural environment extends to local organic produce from Farmers Markets and only biodegradable to-go containers made from corn-based plastics and unbleached paper. Rustic Canyon minimizes waste output by reusing crates for delivering Farmer's produce and recycling cans, plastic, glass, cardboard and mixed paper as well as all of their food waste. They successfully attain a 90% waste diversion. Excellent use of natural light via windows in dining area. Many of the staff use alternative transportation methods such as biking or carpooling.


Santa Monica Power Yoga
1410 2nd Street, 1st Floor. Santa Monica, CA 90401

Power Yoga is the first yoga studio in Santa Monica to achieve Green Business Certification as of September 2007. Highlights of their green business practices include promoting alternative transportation, natural ventilation, and environmentally-preferred procurement ranging from recycled office supplies to hemp and organic cotton retail items.

Santa Monica Power Yoga cleans yoga mats with an organic cleaner and uses non-toxic cleaning chemicals. They facilitate a co-mingled recycling program for mixed paper, cans, plastic and glass. The location is naturally ventilated and windows have tinted film to reduce solar heat gain. To promote alternative transportation at their busy downtown Santa Monica location, they recently installed a bicycle rack onsite for staff and members. Sustainable practices also include supporting the local economy by regularly purchasing flowers from Santa Monica Farmers Market and demonstrating social responsibility by offering donation-based yoga classes and massage services.


Beauty and Wisdom
2307 Main Street. Santa Monica, CA 90405

Beauty and Wisdom, selling chemical free and organic radiant beauty and body care products, achieved Green Business Certification in September 2007. Highlights include eco-conscious procurement ranging from office products to retail items, incorporating green building materials and installing a skylight to allow for natural daylight during renovation.

Beauty and Wisdom purchased many green building materials upon renovating the retail space such as no-VOC paint, sustainable cork flooring and formaldehyde-free shelves. Their 'mandala' room features reclaimed furniture and organic/ fair trade cotton pillows. They demonstrate social responsibility by offering this space as a community room for various events. Sustainable office practices include reusing printer cartridges by refilling the ink directly at Walgreens which not only saves money but also reduces the use of packing materials. Only ONE non-toxic, multi-purpose cleaning chemical is used store-wide.


Blackman and Holberton
201 Wilshire Blvd. Suite A6. Santa Monica, CA 90401

Blackman and Holberton (B&H) provides relocation planning services for businesses. They were the first moving consultant in Santa Monica to achieve Green Business Certification in 2007. Highlights of their green business practices include excellent Reduce, Reuse and Recycle practices and employees commuting via alternative transportation – two drive hybrids and one staff member walks to work!  B&H moving consultant services insist on utilizing durable recycled content plastic crates instead of cardboard boxes and they require reusable packing materials. Any cleaning associated with moving logistics is performed with less toxic cleaning chemicals.

As a result of Blackman & Holberton passing their Green Business Certification lighting inspection efforts, the entire building received a lighting retrofit replacing inefficient T12 fluorescents lights with T8 electronic ballast alternative and received rebates from Edison’s Energy Management Solutions rebate programs. This retrofit is estimated to cut the building’s overall energy use associated with lighting by over $5,000 dollars annually. T8 lighting is a minimum requirement for all companies to receive Green Business Certification. Blackman & Holberton also recently purchased a new Energy Star® copier/ printer manufactured by Ricoh , one of the leading companies in the environmentally friendly office automation industry.


1525 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Contact: Cat Pojas
(310) 451-8902

Co-opportunity has been providing natural, organic and local foods to the Santa Monica area since 1974. They have a large selection of certified organic and mostly locally sourced produce, in addition to a wide variety of natural, healthy foods. As a Co-op, they are owned by the local community.

In all areas of Co-opportunity’s operations, from products it sells to the interactions with the community, their policies are guided by the concept of sustainability i.e., environmental stewardship, supporting local economy and social responsibility. They were the first grocery store in the Westside to install a two-kilowatt, photovoltaic solar power system on the roof – back in 1999!

Striving for a Zero Waste operation, the Co-op implements a co-mingled blue bin recycling, and food waste composting program store-wide. They purchased a high-end Recycling container from Clean River made from long lasting high density polyethylene (HDPE) containing recycled materials. With aim to help customers recycle materials properly, they custom made their own recycling signage – with images of items regularly purchased and disposed of onsite. They close the recycling loop by procuring janitorial paper products, such as bathroom tissue and paper towels containing minimal 40% post-consumer recycled content. Their print paper is made from 100% post-consumer recycled content paper.

Co-opportunity only stocks environmentally-friendly cleaners on their shelves – like from Earth Friendly Products, and others with essential oils like grapefruit seed and tea tree. If customers return any cleaners, the Co-op reuses the leftovers in-house and then recycles the containers. Going beyond the walls of the store, to prevent waste water run-off during heavy rainfall, they installed a permeable street median interspersed with drought tolerant plants along 15th Street.


Euphoria Loves RAWvolution
2301 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Tel: 310.396.4300

RAWvolution is a local hangout for raw, vegan & organic eats with smoothies, fresh juices & hot drinks, live music along with a retail market selling products off the shelf. They also provide raw food meal deliveries - each week preparing a unique box of organic, prepared raw foods. With a strong commitment to using conscious and planet resourceful methods in every aspect of their services, 95% of all foods purchased at RAWvolution (nothing frozen or micro-waved) are USDA certified organic. The remaining 5% are foods that cannot be sourced USDA organic, like young coconuts. As a small restaurant, RAWvolution makes a significant impact on supplier demand for sustainably certified products.

All of RAWvolution's pre and post-consumer food waste composted through Santa Monica’s R3 Food Scraps program. All to-go containers disposed of onsite are also composted or recycled. Instead of selling retail bottled water, staff and customers refill glasses from water dispensers. All of these measures allow RAWvolution to successfully divert 75% of their total waste stream from landfill.

RAWvolution now serves hot coffee using David Wolfe’s Organic Longevity Coffee; the first organic coffee with a low-acidic profile on the market. The façade of their new coffee bar is made from reclaimed wood, and the counter top at point of sale is made from a naturally fallen juniper tree. RAWvolution is an active member of the Main Street Business Improvement District, advocating the support and promotion of local businesses, and helped launch the Green Business Certification program in 2006 as a pilot business. RAWvolution has a strong commitment to social and environmental justice and advocates various causes in the cafe, as well as via online presence. Look out for RAWvolution’s booth at the Sunday Main Street Farmers Market!


Gladstein, Neandross & Associates LLC
3015 Main Street, Suite 300, Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 314-1934

GNA works throughout western USA in efforts to develop and implement transportation and energy strategies with aim to reduce emissions and the use of conventional petroleum fuels . They are pioneers in their industry for encouraging alternative fuel fleets, sustainable development, and renewable energy programs. Eco-friendly purchasing practices include recycled office products, furniture as well as non-toxic cleaners from local 'green' grocers.  Company letterhead paper is also printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks.


The Library Alehouse
2911 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 314-4855

Library Alehouse has always gone ‘above and beyond compliance’ regarding sustainable business practices since opening the restaurant in 1995. They were early adopters of the City of Santa Monica’s ban on non-recyclable Food Service containers i.e., they stopped using Styrofoam long before the City required them to.

Owner, David Lackman, whole-heartedly demonstrates commitment to running an environmentally sounds businesses by purchasing sustainably certified restaurant equipment and food products throughout. FSC rated wood was sourced for dining tables and chairs. The Alehouse also bottles their own water via Natura Water filtration system, instead of selling water shipped in to Southern California from hundreds to thousands of miles away.

Alehouse recycles their used fryer oil into biodiesel at no cost. They purchase sustainably procured seafood when available. Further efforts include regularly incorporating seasonal, local, organic ingredients throughout their menu and composting kitchen waste- which sometimes even ends up in Dave’s backyard compost pile : )

The Library Alehouse was also a 2001 pilot participant for local non-profit Sustainable Works’ Business Greening Program and Santa Monica’s Green Business Certification program launched in 2006. They won a Sustainable Quality Award Grand prize in 2003. This restaurant is a well known booster of the local retail economy, and further their positive contributions to the community by supporting an organization each month through donation, promotion, and activism.


2936 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 314-1776

Patagonia, Santa Monica is part of a $250 million international company that designs and distributes outdoor clothing.  Their definition of quality includes working with processes that cause the least harm to the environment, as they rely on the availability of abundant natural landscape in order to sell their clothing. Patagonia not only closes the loop in recycling in-house materials but they also collect worn-out garments from customers and recycle them into polyester (PET) used to make new filament yarns. They also produce a fleece clothing line made from post-consumer recycled plastic soda bottles (PCR).  All of the cotton in their products is 100% organic cotton. Patagonia has awarded over 18 million dollars to various environmental groups via the Environmental Grants Program.


Apogee Electronics Corporation
1715 Berkeley Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Apogee Electronics, founded in 1985, is a leading manufacturer of digital audio hardware systems and related accessories for audio professionals around the world.  They are breaking new ground– as the only digital audio business in Santa Monica to install solar panels on their roof and achieve Green Business Certification.  Apogee Electronic closes the loop by reducing use of disposables by stocking durable kitchenware for staff use, reusing aluminum and metal parts in hardware systems, comprehensive office recycling programs, and purchasing post-consumer recycled content items ranging from tissue paper to file folders. Instead of purchasing bottled water, staff refills containers from the filtered water tap at the kitchen sink.  Incandescent ceiling flood lights in main computer stations were retrofitted with energy efficient compact fluorescents. Common areas feature efficient T8 and T6 fluorescent fixtures and tubes. Small desk lamps at workstations demonstrate task lighting where additional light is needed. Fair-trade coffee purchased for early and late night shifts.  Staff can store bicycles indoors, and showers are available.


Studio of Environmental Architecture
1920 Olympic Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90404

The work of David Hertz Architects Inc, Studio of Environmental Architecture focuses on the design and construction of environmentally responsible residential and commercial buildings, as well as the research and development of resource efficient ecologic building products.  Studio EA’s commitment to integrating sustainable materials, processes and building techniques is demonstrated both in client projects and within their own office.  The company’s proactive approach to promoting green building materials involves displaying product samples incorporated within their space, like recycled denim insulation and solar tubes.  These samples detail the ecological, recycled characteristics where applicable, and manufacturer information.  To further reduce use of finite natural resources such as water, high-efficiency faucet aerators emitting 0.8 gallons per minute, and toilets with a high and low water flush option. Reduction in energy usage also reduces associated GHGs (Green House Gases) emissions.  In Studio EA’s Energy report, the assessor noted they use 40% less than an average office its size. Integrated energy efficient design like dimmable electronic fluorescent fixtures manufactured by Luton®, and occupancy (motion) sensors ensure lights used at minimum and are turned off when not needed.  Green building highlights include a “green” roof with drought tolerant succulent plants and solar panels.  Other sustainable business operations range from recycling some construction and demolition waste locally -via neighboring plumbing supply store- and promoting alternative transportation by storing an electric bicycle onsite for employee use.


Bryan Cave LLP
120 Broadway, Suite 300
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Bryan Cave LLP is a leading business and litigation firm with a long history of success offering legal counsel and advice in virtually every area of interest to business and entrepreneurial clients.

Innovative, local and socially responsible sustainable strategies include hosting “Staff Appreciation Week” coordinating beach clean-ups with Heal the Bay for employees to participate in during paid work hours. The firm procures eco-friendly cleaners for office use and contract with a Green Seal certified company to maintain their carpets. Bryan Cave's sustainable business practices, ranging from adopting the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge to purchasing post-consumer content recycled paper office and janitorial supplies, are outlined in their Sustainability Policy which is included in the company manual.

Comprehensive Zero Waste practices include replacing kitchen disposables like paper cups and plastic utensils with reusable mugs and silverware, and eliminating individual bottles of water office-wide. The company branded Bryan Cave reusable glasses and installed water dispensers in each conference room. The firm, world-wide, purchased mugs for over 1,000 employees to further their zero waste efforts. They recouped the costs associated with purchasing silverware within 3 months compared to spending money on disposables. Their zero waste efforts go beyond their office walls to the courtrooms – pushing for the legal system to permit case binders to be reused for each lawsuit.


Kreation Kafe
1023 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Kreation Kafe serves delicious, healthy food in the unique atmosphere of “living walls” comprised of hanging succulents and recovered decking materials. 

After renovating the restaurant space with more efficient fluorescent lights, tank-less water heater, energy efficient refrigeration unit and stove, owner Marjan Sarshar was very pleased to see her energy bill go down 40% ($300-350) –a savings of over $300 or 2,000 kWh per month.   Furthermore, business has increased over 400% compared to previous ownership, and she still sees a savings due to replacing old equipment with Energy Star® or energy efficient alternatives. The restaurant also participates in food scraps composting with the City of Santa Monica.  All dining tables are custom made with reclaimed wood.  Over 90% of the produce purchased at Kreation Kafe is organic and purchased locally from the Santa Monica Farmer's market. They even serve organic ketchup!  Utensil holders are made from recycled tires and their menu is printed with soy-based inks on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper.


Morley Builders
3330 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA  90405
Contact: Jessica Kurland
Tel: 310.399.1600 ext. 269
Email: jkurland@morleybuilders.com

Morley Builders is one of the largest construction firms in Southern California. Morley Builders constructs many LEED buildings, and recycles up to 92% of the construction and demolition waste generated. Morley Builders is also a pillar of the Santa Monica community, giving thousands of dollars each year to local charitable organizations, and paying for employees to do volunteer work.

Morley Builders moved into a new office that recently achieved USGBC LEED Gold CI (Commercial Interior) certification – Morley staff worked with consultants to achieve this prestigious certification. The remodeled office incorporates innovative and sustainable features including but not limited to refurbished furniture, low-to-zero emitting materials and LED lighting.

All restrooms facility wide have USGBC LEED credit approved Dyson air dryers to reduce paper usage, and HE (high-efficiency) toilets and urinals that flush only a pint of water. Morley gives a second life to used deck shoring form ties by turning them into wall art pieces. Near Morley’s staff kitchen entrance, is an etched glass table top with a repurposed cement bucket used on construction sites as a base. There are no incandescents office wide – only energy efficient LEDs, CFLs and sunlight. Lighting controls work with skylights, at levels of 100-50-0 percentage of power depending on amount of incoming natural light. Morley’s Sustainable office commitment is detailed in company-wide policies ensuring the company gives preference to sustainable products such as FSC 30% post-consumer content paper, Ricoh all-in-one copier/scanner/fax, and BPI certified compostable kitchenware. Morley includes the following statement when procuring “When the choice presents itself, we ‘Thank You’ for making the eco-friendly selection.”


Universal Music Group
2220 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Contact: Kevin Garabedian
Tel: 310.865.5530

Universal Music Group, employing over 600 people at the Santa Monica Headquarters office, initially achieved green business certification in 2009-2011 and re-certified for 2013-2015. Green business practices are a priority for Universal Music Group, who’s company Environmental Policy expresses the company’s commitment “to protecting and preserving the environment through recognition of its responsibility to conduct business in an environmentally sound manner and continually improve and reduce our impact on our environment.”

To encourage employees to take ownership of environmental impacts, the company distributes reusable mugs to employees in the Santa Monica office and encourages electronic communication company-wide. UMG has a “no bottled water procurement” policy for staff use – instead, employees refill at water stations throughout the building.

UMG’s Santa Monica office integrates the use of sustainable building materials including low VOC carpet tiles purchased from Mohawk. UMG’s facility also features water-free urinals and operable windows which allow the intake of fresh air and reduces energy-use associated with mechanical cooling. UMG’s advanced automated building management system ensures lights and equipment are off during non-business hours.

UMG’s efforts in energy efficiency for their building earned them the ENERGY STAR Label (www.energystar.gov), meeting strict energy performance standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) by using less energy, saving money in operational costs, and causing fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Their in-house restaurant, Motown Café, also goes the extra green mile by procuring compostable plant-based cups, plates, and utensils.


Hershey | Cause
1336 5th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Contact: Barbara Remedios
Tel: 310.656.1001
Email: bremedios@hersheycause.com

Hershey|Cause is a woman-owned, communications agency offering marketing and consulting services to socially-minded corporate clients and nonprofit groups nationwide. Social innovators, Hershey|Cause is the umbrella identity for Hershey Associates, a full-service for profit marketing consulting agency, and Cause Communications, a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding communications best practices through research and education.

Hershey|Cause is committed to exemplifying the change it works to create in the world socially, culturally and environmentally. Environmentally friendly adjustments to office environment and procedures to maximize efficient use of resources resulted in the organization achieving Green Business Certification. Adjustments included: ensuring all individual offices have recycling bins, replacing lighting ballasts to make use of updated energy-efficient lighting, installing high-efficiency toilets in office restrooms, instituting a worksite transportation plan with information on ridesharing and alternate modes of transportation, and encouraging the use of the water-filtration system over bottled water. Hershey|Cause also ensured its HVAC and pest control vendors are promoting and employing environmentally friendly practices.


Healthy Spot
1110 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Contact: Tabatha Cruz
Tel: 310.458.2004

Healthy Spot is committed to providing a full range of wholesome, organic food lines as well as a wide selection of safe and eco-friendly toys, treats, training tools, grooming products, and services ranging from doggie-day care to pet massage. Many products stocked on their shelves are labeled USDA organic, contain less toxic chemicals and are made using responsible manufacturing practices.

Healthy Spot opened their doors in 2008 with sustainability and healthy pet lifestyles as a priority in their business model. They achieved Green Business Certification in 2012 and also received a Santa Monica Sustainable Quality Award in 2012.

Healthy Spot offers a range of products and services which are not often found in most pet supply establishments. You can find biodegradable doggie bags, chlorine-free training pads, and natural flea products. Their Green Seal certified janitorial supplies include tissue paper and paper towels. In the last few years, Healthy Spot invested $4,200 in water and lighting conservation retrofits at their Santa Monica location. All spot lights in the retail area including refrigeration cases are LED. Other notable green building features include solar tubes providing natural sunlight in corridors and restrooms, and a tank-less water heater.


Copia Creative, Inc. 
3122 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 203
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Contact: Michelle Adelson/Anique Oudshoorn
Tel: 310.826.7422
Email: anique@copiacreative.com

Copia Creative is an award-winning strategic branding and creative agency that partners with our clients as their extended marketing team.  Combining both consulting and creative practices, Copia focuses on developing and implementing a consistent and creative brand experience across touch points to align with business goals and strategy.  The office fosters sustainable ideas and innovative adaptations.  As a creative agency, Copia encourages their clients on how to integrate green practices from brand strategies, including partnerships with related environmental causes to execution, such as eco-minded print materials with vegetable-based inks and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper.  The agency has developed a specialized eco-conscious focus including a website, bulletin board, and newsletters called CopiaGreen that includes a CopiaGreen email address for staff ideas and suggestions to discuss and plan in regular staff meetings.  Eco-minded materials such as articles and relevant resources are available for employee reference.  Copia's policies reflect their sustainability commitment, including many forms of recycling, alterative transportation to the office, and managing electricity use.  Copia is also developing partnerships with other eco-friendly businesses to help align their green practices with their brand.  The Copia team and culture has become passionate, dedicated, and excited to being green and advocating sustainable practices based on the level of education, involvement, communication, and collaboration.


Threshold Media Corporation
2114 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Contact: Michele Blankenship/ Marc Schrobilgen
Tel.: 310.571.0500
Email: Micheleb@thresholdsound.com

Threshold Sound + Vision is a recording studio and video post-production facility. They incorporated energy efficient design into the remodeling of their studio, including solar tubes, compact fluorescent lighting retrofits, and retrofitting their Torchiere floor lamps with fluorescent bulbs - reducing energy consumption by 50%!  Threshold purchases many eco-friendly cleaning products from companies such as Method and Seventh Generation and they stock a soy-based graffiti remover. Threshold Company letterhead and business cards are printed on post-consumer content recycled paper.  Kitchen is stocked with reusable plates, mugs and silverware and napkins are made from post-consumer content recycled paper procured from local supply stores. Threshold’s recycling programs extends to digital Beta tapes and CDs. They also donate unwanted electronic equipment to California Recycles (www.californiarecycles.com).


Watt Companies
2716 Ocean Park Blvd
Suite 2025
Santa Monica, CA 
Contact:  Alex Reed
Tel: 310.450.3802
Email:  areed@wattcompanies.com

From commercial development to homebuilding, Watt Companies offers comprehensive and diversified real estate services across the United States.  Watt Companies incorporates environmental stewardship both in-house in their operations as well as tenant properties. Their Los Angeles office, Watt Plaza, is the first office building in Los Angles to receive gold LEED for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance certification.

Watt Companies demonstrates exceptional commitment to sustainability by supporting an active employee driven “Green Team’. The Green Team facilitates green operations and programs in-house including an Earth Day Raffle eligible only for employees demonstrating sustainable practices at work.  Practices ranged from staff bringing in reusable mugs, plates or utensils, to alternative commuting such as carpooling, taking the bus, biking, or walking. The Green Team used monies gained from recycling programs to purchase some of the raffle prize giveaways. On Earth Day, they invited local sustainable vendors ranging from green office supplies to local environmental non-profits to educate and provide resources for tenants and employees.

Watt Companies goes above and beyond compliance with tenant and in-house renovations by using low VOC paints which help cultivate good indoor air quality. Green Seal Certified chemicals, purchased in bulk concentrated form and refilled in dispensers, are used facility wide.


World Café
2820 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

The World Cafe holds its location on Main Street since 1984 and offers a choice of indoor dining or al fresco on a relaxing garden patio with a mulched landscape to retain moisture and help prevent water runoff.  Lighting is subdued or sun-kissed by natural lighting pouring in via skylights. By composting kitchen food waste, cans, plastic, glass, mixed paper and cardboard via City’s program they divert over 70% of trash from local landfills.  All to-go containers are either compostable (paper or corn plastics) or recyclable. Their cleaning chemicals are certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Design for Environmental label (DfE). DfE commends companies for their leadership in designing products that are good for their business and for the environment. www.epa.gov/dfe.  World Café is also conveniently located near bus stops accessible via Big Blue Bus or LA Metro lines.


2403 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA 90405

“We are committed to sustainability in mind, body and spirit.  You got yoga down, we got recycled tools. Together… we flow sustainably.” yogitoes weaves sustainable concepts throughout their business –  from operations, to policies, to outreach in their rExperience Lab community event and retail space, and to their entire product line.

Let’s start with their green office remodel in their new location. The retail space: bamboo flooring and a sofa made with soy foam and re-purposed produce truck tarps. Offices:  Energy Star computers, walls coated with wipeable paint (so it acts like a wipeboard) made by www.ideapaint.com. Kitchen: table made from reclaimed pine, onsite water filtration from www.wellwaterusa.net. Green office practices and policies: all paper products contain the highest post-consumer content (pcc) – striving for 100% pcc. Kitchen is stocked with only reusable glasses, plates, silverware, and even cloth napkins! A laundry machine onsite washes with Seventh Generation 4X Laundry Detergent packaged in a recycled fiber shell that can be composted or recycled.  Alternative transportation incentives for staff: provide secure bicycle storage, a shower, and air pump. Most noteworthy sustainable event policy:  guests must bring their own container for refills.  yogitoes staff composts their food scraps in the office and at all events onsite.